American fridge freezers

A food center or side-by-side refrigerator is a particularly large refrigerator. These so-called food centers are also usually combined with a freezer section in addition to the refrigerator section. With a useful volume of around 500 to 600 litres, food centres are usually significantly wider and deeper than conventional fridge-freezer combinations. Compared to conventional fridge-freezers, food centres offer significantly more storage space for food. In addition, many of these side-by-side refrigerators have built-in water dispensers or even ice cube dispensers. Often, such food centers can also make crushed ice at the same time. With these appliances, the water supply is either via a fixed water connection or a water tank. Side-by-side refrigerators without a water tank usually offer a little more storage space and are usually a little cheaper to buy. Other food center refrigerators, on the other hand, have what is known as a super-cooling function, which temporarily lowers the refrigerator temperature sharply after bulk purchases so that the food reaches the optimal cooling temperature more quickly. After a certain time, the temperature in the food centre is automatically raised back to the "normal" level. So-called French door refrigerators are very similar to food centers. However, they have a slightly different design. They usually have one or two freezer drawers with combination zones at the bottom and a continuous refrigerator with two separate doors at the top. Ordinary food centers, on the other hand, usually have two doors that open separately. Usually, the freezer is on the left and the refrigerator is on the right. In so-called door-in-door systems, frequently used foods can be removed from the food center refrigerator section through a much smaller door. Many side-by-side refrigerators are equipped with modern technology and achieve energy efficiency classes from A+ to A++. However, only very few food centres achieve A+++. One of the most important buying criteria for side-by-side refrigerators is the operating costs. The energy efficiency class of the food centre is a great help in assessing this. With us you will find a large selection of food centers of the top brands such as Bosch, Samsung, Electrolux, Kibernetik, Haier, LG Electronics, and many more. Whether for the small or large household, for installation or as a stand-alone unit, the right cooling center is available for every requirement.