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Air conditioners

Climate change is now evident in every season: record summer temperatures, severe storms and milder winters. The climate affects us in our daily lives, whether outdoors playing sports, at work or in our own homes. High temperatures have a negative effect on our well-being and performance. Temperatures above 23°C we feel as stressful heat, from 26°C the physical and from 32°C the mental performance decreases by 40%. However, we do not have to sacrifice performance, motivation and quality of life in summer, because a good and pleasant climate is not a luxury.

The investment in an air conditioning system is worthwhile. Air conditioners lower the room temperature by dissipating heat to the outside in closed rooms. However, the air is not only cooled, but also dehumidified and purified at the same time. In addition, air conditioners are quiet and economical in energy consumption. Basically, air conditioners can be divided into two types: Mobile air conditioners and split air conditioners.

Mobile air conditioners are also called monobloc air conditioners. They have the advantage that they can be used flexibly, because they consist of one module. All that is needed is a window with a sealed opening for the exhaust hose. For this purpose, manufacturers offer suitable window kits that discharge the warm air in the exhaust hose to the outside through a sealed opening. The mobile monobloc air conditioners are cheaper to purchase than split units and can be easily stowed away in winter. Especially for rental apartments, the mobile air conditioners are the suitable air conditioning solution, since no permanent installations are necessary.

In contrast, split air conditioners are permanently installed on the wall and consist of at least two elements, the outdoor unit with a chiller and the indoor unit, which is installed in the room to be cooled. Both are connected by an insulated copper pipe through which refrigerant flows. Split units are more effective and efficient than mobile air conditioners. However, they are also more expensive to buy and require more intensive planning before purchase, as installation by a technician involves more effort than with mobile units.

A hybrid version of both types of air conditioners are the mobile split air conditioners. These combine the advantages of a mobile air conditioner with those of a split unit. Customers are often bothered by the thick exhaust hoses of mobile air conditioners or need a powerful and energy-efficient air conditioner without a fixed installation. But since they want a mobile air conditioning solution, they have no choice but to buy a mobile air conditioner. Tailored to this exact customer need, we offer mobile split air conditioners. These units consist of two units, a compact and small outdoor unit and an indoor unit. In terms of operation, they are similar to permanently installed split units. There is no thick exhaust hose. The condensed water is drained to the outdoor unit by means of a thin pump. However, the outdoor unit does not have to be permanently installed on the outside wall and can also be placed on the floor. Thus, this air conditioner is still mobile and can also be taken camping or to the cottage.

Not to be confused with mobile air conditioners, there are also air coolers on the market. These devices are not air conditioners per se, but air humidifiers with cooling function. Visually, air coolers often look like small cubes. The room air is cooled by humidification by only 1 - 2 degrees Celsius, creating a pleasant freshness in the immediate vicinity of the device. Air Coolers are therefore also alternatives to conventional fans and offer a cost-effective cooling function, for example for the workplace.