Cat trees

Why does it even need a cat tree?
It's part of your cat's natural drive to shed its claws and mark its territory with scented scratch marks. Scratching trees are highly recommended to prevent your cat
from doing this on your beloved furniture or walls. In addition, a scratching post keeps your cat fit and minimises the risk of overweight and joint problems, as all muscles are stretched and moved when climbing, jumping and playing on the tree.

Selection of the ideal scratching post
If you have a young cat, smaller cat trees with a height of up to 1 meter are suitable. If your cat is already fully grown, you will need a more stable cat tree with a height of up to 1.80 metres.
The shape of your tree is best chosen according to your cat's preferences. Depending on whether he likes climbing, lying down or playing. You can extend your scratching tree with matching pieces of furniture such as cozy sleeping dens, large lying areas or scratching posts.

Scratch Furniture Types
A scratch barrel can increase the fun factor and the well-being of your house cat even more, because he can hide in the scratch barrel and climb out or in again from different holes. Scratchboards can be hung vertically on the wall and offer your cat an additional scratching opportunity.

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Jazz (135cm)
Designed by Lotte Jazz (135cm)
Scratch ball Balty (31.50cm)
Designed by Lotte Scratch ball Balty (31.50cm)
Wooden cat tree Cactus (60cm)
Designed by Lotte Wooden cat tree Cactus (60cm)
Bz cat tree wood vajra (120cm)
Beeztees Bz cat tree wood vajra (120cm)
Cat tree Cometa with ceiling tensioner (263cm)
Karlie Cat tree Cometa with ceiling tensioner (263cm)
Scratch couch Zaina (16cm)
Designed by Lotte Scratch couch Zaina (16cm)