Cat toys

How do cat toys affect your cat?

The cat toy serves to keep your cat busy and prevents depression, stress, boredom and overweight. As with us humans, we would not feel well without employment. Without play, fun and training we would certainly fall into depression. This is the same with your cat.

House cats spend most of their time at home. You should therefore make sure that your cat has enough job opportunities to counteract the possible dangers. The more training sessions a cat has, the better the effect on the health and well-being of your pet cat. Playing lessons will reduce aggressiveness and abnormal behaviour patterns. Intelligence toys can stimulate and enhance your cat's mental abilities. You can let your cat fumble the treats out of a food maze or even keep him busy with a hole box to train the senses of hearing, sight and touch. Playing and stroking together strengthens the relationship with your cat and has a positive effect on you: Stress and tension are released.

Plenty of exercise and workload for your cat will help her sleep better and be more relaxed. Whether it is a food ball, a play tunnel or a play mouse. In our assortment you are guaranteed to find the right cat toy for you and your quadruped.