Cat litter

There is a large selection of different cat litter. They differ in the materials used, shape, weight, environmental compatibility, functionality and scent. In general there are three types of litter:

cat litter
The advantage of mineral cat litter (Betonit) is that it binds water and odour very well. In other words: when your cat urinates, the litter binds the urine and you can then dispose of the lump. Thanks to the odour binding, unpleasant odours are eliminated. The weight is high compared to the other litters. When shopping and carrying the litter, you should keep this in mind. Unfortunately, the litter is hardly biodegradable (clay minerals) and must not be disposed of through the toilet. When filling the litter, you should be careful not to inhale the dust, as it can be harmful to your health and may cause allergies.

Silicate cat litter
Silicate litter is lighter than mineral litter and also binds odours and water very well. The silicate does not clump, but absorbs liquids. The resulting balls settle to the bottom of the litter tray, which makes cleaning more difficult. The faeces remain at the bottom of the toilet until the next renewal of the complete litter. The litter is slightly more expensive than the mineral litter.

Natural fibre cat litter
From wood, to corn, to paper. The advantages of natural fibres are all the same: they have good lump and odour binding properties, which makes cleaning the toilet pleasantly easy. The natural fibres do not create dust, are light and environmentally friendly. So you can simply flush the litter down the toilet with a clear conscience. Corn litter is becoming more and more popular and new, and therefore still has a poor availability.

In our assortment you will also find special cat litter. Your cat urinates on the silicate cat litter and you can tell from the discolouration whether your cat has urinary tract, liver or kidney problems. It is antibacterial, binds bad odours and is environmentally friendly.
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