Cat litter boxes + Supplies

    Cat litter boxes + Supplies

    Cats are very clean and cleanliness loving animals that need a clean and pleasant smelling place to do their business. Since they like to hunt and are often hunted in the wild, they also want to feel safe when they go to the litter box. Therefore it is important to provide them with a litter box in the right size and in the right place. Basically, it is important to provide a litter box more than the number of cats living in the household. If space permits, you should provide your house cat with 2 different toilets, as he prefers to do his big and small business in different places.

    The appropriate size
    The optimal cat box cannot be big enough, but should be at least one and a half times as long as the cat's body so that it can turn and stretch out without problems. It should also have enough space to scratch. If the toilet is too small for your cat, she will quickly find another place to use the toilet.

    The suitable place for the cat toilet
    Like us humans, cats also value their privacy in the quiet loo. The litter box should therefore be placed in a quiet place, but not in the farthest corner, but in a bright place that can be reached without obstacles. For hygienic reasons, the litter tray should not be too close to the food bowl or the sleeping area, but ideally separated from it.

    Bowl, hood or corner toilets
    The open bowl toilet is less expensive and is suitable for cats who want to keep an eye on their surroundings while using the toilet. When buried, however, the litter may end up on the floor outside the cat toilet. Therefore, when the litter trays are open, it is advisable to buy those with a high rim so that the cat litter is not spread all over the floor.
    Closed litter trays have the advantage that they bind unpleasant odours and spread less in the room. They also ensure that the litter stays indoors when scratching in the litter tray. However, with their sensitive nose, your cat can detect an unpleasant smell inside more quickly and could avoid the toilet as a result.
    Corner toilets can be either open or closed and their shape fits perfectly into the corners of the house. Therefore they can be placed more space-saving in the apartment.

    Since cats quickly become disgusted with stench and impurities, you should change the cat litter regularly and sieve the clumping litter at least once a day. Your pet's excrements are best packed and disposed of in an odourless bin. When cleaning the cat's toilet, you should be careful when using detergents and avoid those with too strong a taste, otherwise your cat may be put off by the intense smell. Despite thorough cleaning and good care, it is advisable to replace the litter tray after about 2 years. This is because scratching the toilet bowl causes scratches in which urine can settle as urine scale and spread an unpleasant smell.

    In addition to a spreading shovel, a toilet mat, the right cat litter, odour binders and a disposal bucket are also part of the complete equipment. You can find all these products in our shop.