Best products in the Night lights category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. MOB Galaxy Light Space projector

Explore the galaxy with the Galaxy Light The Galaxy Light projects a moving nebula and a starry sky onto each of your walls, all in 7 different colours. The head of the lamp can be rotated 180° and can be controlled via a remote control. The special extra: you can set a timer so that the Galaxy Light switches itself off. So you can finally stick your head in the stars. 

2. Vava VA-HP008

Bedside lamp for kids and babies, night lamp, snooze light, mood light, USB battery, baby safe, shatterproof, easy on the eyes color temperature 2700-6500K.

3. Reer 2in1 SleepLight

All-rounder: plug-in light and battery-powered snooze light - can be used as a continuous light or with twilight sensor (the night light only lights up in the dark). Warm light approx. 2700 K, energy-saving LED technology without heat generation, battery charges during use in the socket, portable, light and small. 

4. Xiaomi Mi Motion-Activated Night Light

High quality LED night light with motion sensor for a clear view at night, and smart control via Mi Home app. Conveniently adjust the brightness, switching times and more of the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 via the app to suit your needs. It produces a warm, soft yellow light without flickering and reliably lights your way at night for up to 180 days without disturbing.In sensor mode, the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 works for up to 17 months. 

Xiaomi Mi Motion-Activated Night Light
Night lights
16.95was 21.20

Xiaomi Mi Motion-Activated Night Light

5. Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil Turtle - Night Light - This plush character Led night light helps you fall asleep! The Tranquil Turtle series is the first Cloud b product line that combines visual impressions and sound in a soft and soothing character night light. The innovative turtle transforms every room into a peaceful marine idyll. The night light projects an underwater light effect with slight wave movements, relieving the fear of darkness and making it easier to fall asleep. Plays 2 different sounds (Tranquil Melody, Ocean Waves). It is equipped with a 23 minute timer that ensures that there is relaxing darkness in the room during the deep sleep phase of the child; it projects in soothing aquamarine and the brightness and speed of the projection are adjustable. Requires 3 AA (Mignon) batteries, not included. 

6. Pauleen Owl

7. Enuja Night light

The Enuja EJ-012NL Baby Night & Breastfeeding Light is the ideal choice for modern parents who want the best for their baby.

With the intuitive touch control, you
can turn on the light with just one tap and set a timer to gently guide your baby to sleep.

The practical charging station allows you to charge the night light by simply placing it on top.

The LED lighting offers pleasant warm white light and 8 colours in a play of colours. The favourite setting and colour can be fixed and saved.

The rechargeable battery lasts over 20 hours in the darkest setting and 6 hours in the brightest setting. The LED indicator flashes red when the battery is almost discharged.
The 1h or 30min timer function at the bottom ensures that the battery automatically switches off at night and is not discharged.

Thanks to the non-slip base and compact size, this lamp is also an ideal travel companion.

8. Lumina Swiss LED night light dimmable

Compared to other night lamps, the LED night lamp has a switch built directly onto the lamp, with which the brightness can be continuously adjusted. This way, the lamp is exactly as bright as you want it to be.

The integrated and intelligent twilight sensor causes the light to be switched on automatically in darker ambient light. Ideal for use, for example, in a child's room as a night light.

Thanks to only 0.5W consumption at brightest brightness, the light is very energy-saving.

Infinitely dimmable: With the slide switch on the night light, the brightness can be adjusted from low to high (1 - 100). This way, you get exactly the light that suits the situation and brings you safety for the way in the dark.

Automatic on / off: By means of an integrated and intelligent twilight sensor, the light only switches on when the ambient lighting is no longer sufficient.

Compact and ultra-thin: The light has compact dimensions and an extremely flat design that lies flat against the wall.

Many uses and easy installation: Simply plug in and the light is ready to use and works automatically. Suitable for the children's room, living room, baby room, bathroom, hall, staircase, corridor, kitchen, garage, basement or any dark corner.

Easy energy saving: The LED night lights are very energy-saving with only 0.5 W LED and without changing the bulb with a service life of up to 50,000 hours .

The scope of delivery includes:

1 × LED night light dimmable

1 × operating instructions.

9. Livoo Night light

Night light. 2 lighting modes: white or yellow light. Light dimmer. Max. luminance 120 lumens. Soft silicon. 600mAh rechargeable battery. USB cable power included.

10. Mega Light Eggy Egg

Night light Eggy Egg with battery. Dimmable by pressing the head. Pleasant warm white light, LED light source, easy operation and fast charging. Includes 1x DC - USB charging cable. From 12 months. Dimensions approx. 12x11 cm Material: ABS, PC, silicone.