Best Philips products in the Table lamps category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Philips products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Philips Donutclip

Clip reading light with integrated Li-battery and USB connection. Provides better visibility and reduces harmful glare. Up to 15'000 hours LED life. Dimmable in steps and with 175 lumen light intensity. IP20 - suitable for indoor use. Produces an eye-friendly light (EyeComfort). 

2. Philips Rock

Bring light into your home with the Rock table lamp in white! This portable table lamp offers 90 lumens of brightness and is powered by a rechargeable battery. The practical handle allows you to easily transport the light and take it with you wherever you go. Enjoy cordless light and a modern look in your home! 

3. Philips RobotPlus

Light up your workspace with the Philips RobotPlus LED desk lamp. With its modern design and a lamp head that can be swivelled and dimmed, it is the perfect solution for your desk. Thanks to the 14W LED lighting and 4000K colour temperature, the lamp creates a pleasant and efficient light source that makes reading and studying easier. Experience a new dimension in lighting and turn your desk into the perfect workplace. 

4. Philips Tilpa

Portable table lamp with battery operation. 4000 Kelvin - neutral white light. With movable arm. Made of metal in the colour white. The lamp is not dimmable.

5. Philips Sword

Elegant desk lamp Three adjustable brightness levels Integrated USB port for charging external devices High-quality materials Energy-saving LED lighting Long service life of up to 15 years. 

6. Philips Mirror

The Philips Mirror DSK205 table lamp in white is a portable and modern solution for your home. It is versatile and offers different brightness levels so you can find the right intensity for your needs. With its high-quality finish and modern design, the Philips Mirror DSK205 table lamp is a unique and functional addition to your interior. Brighten up your home and enjoy the benefits of the Philips Mirror table lamp 

7. Philips Amber

Discover the Philips Amber DSK202 40K desk lamp. This portable desk lamp with battery operation and adjustable brightness is the perfect solution for any location. It is dimmable and has different brightness levels so you can adapt to your surroundings as needed. The light is in white and fits in with any modern interior design. Enjoy convenient lighting that provides you with the right light for every everyday situation. 

8. Philips Hat DSK213 PT 4.5W 40K W USB 02

Discover the new Philips white 80lm table lamp. It offers a bright, glare-free light and a modern design that adds a contemporary look to any room. Perfect for a warm lighting experience at your workplace or for a cosy reading corner. With the Philips table lamp, you have a state-of-the-art and efficient lighting system that is both stylish and energy efficient. The rechargeable battery enables cordless use and the different brightness levels provide a customised lighting experience. Get the Philips table lamp now and experience a modern and energy-efficient lighting experience. 

Philips Hat DSK213 PT 4.5W 40K W USB 02 (80 lm)
Table lamps

Philips Hat DSK213 PT 4.5W 40K W USB 02

80 lm


9. Philips Edison

Edison Desk Lamp PT 4.5W 30-50K B USB 02.

10. Philips Ivory Desk Lamp PT 5W 27-50K W USB 02

With its robust design and optimum performance, the Philips LED Performance desk lamp is the perfect light for quality and brightness in any living area. Pleasant light that is easy on your eyes. 

Philips Ivory Desk Lamp PT 5W 27-50K W USB 02 (130 lm)
Table lamps

Philips Ivory Desk Lamp PT 5W 27-50K W USB 02

130 lm