Best Philips products in the Bulbs category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Philips products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Philips Lamp oven 20W G4 12 V

Energy efficiency class EnEV 2020: None, Lamp socket: G4, Dimmable: Dimmable, Bulb technology: Oven lamp, Luminous intensity: 320 lm, Suitable for: Low voltage.

Philips Lamp oven 20W G4 12 V (G4, 22 W, 320 lm, 1 x, G)
Quantity discount
7.– per piece for 3 units

Philips Lamp oven 20W G4 12 V

G4, 22 W, 320 lm, 1 x, G


2. Philips Oven lamp T25

The lamp has a luminous flux of 172 Lm and a service life of approximately 1000 hours. The light source also has the energy efficiency label E. Up to 300° Celsius.

Philips Oven lamp T25 (E14, 25 W, 172 lm, 1 x, G)
Quantity discount
2.05 per piece for 4 units

Philips Oven lamp T25

E14, 25 W, 172 lm, 1 x, G


3. Philips Lamp 23 W (200 W) E27 Warm white

Illuminant A110 with matt surface. 23 W (equivalent to an incandescent bulb with approx. 200 W). These bulbs are not dimmable. Suitable for luminaires with E27 socket. 2700 K - radiates in the light colour(s) warm white. The luminous intensity is 3450 lumen. Delivered is/are 1 piece. 

Philips Lamp 23 W (200 W) E27 Warm white (E27, 23 W, 3452 lm, 1 x, D)

Philips Lamp 23 W (200 W) E27 Warm white

E27, 23 W, 3452 lm, 1 x, D


4. Philips LED Classic

The lamps within this new high-efficiency product category last 50 years, about 3.5x as long as standard LED lamps - for less waste. They also save up to 60% energy compared to conventional LED lamps. This leads to lower electricity bills, lower CO2 emissions and a more livable planet, always with the EyeComfort quality promise. Because poor light quality can affect eye health. That's why it's more important than ever to light your home properly. Philips LED lamps meet strict testing criteria to ensure they meet our visual comfort requirements. 

Philips LED Classic (E14, 2.30 W, 485 lm, 1 x, A)

Philips LED Classic

E14, 2.30 W, 485 lm, 1 x, A


5. Philips Lamp oven

Philips Professional lamp oven suitable for high voltage.

Philips Lamp oven (G9, 26 W, 250 lm, 1 x, G)

Philips Lamp oven

G9, 26 W, 250 lm, 1 x, G


6. Philips MAS LED spot

Light-emitting diodes have the advantage over conventional light bulbs in that they do not generate heat, but convert most of the energy into light, thus consuming only a fraction of the electricity. Furthermore, LED bulbs are extremely robust and do not need to be replaced for a long time. Because LEDs are flicker-free and have a high colour rendering index, their light is always pleasant for your eyes. Objects that you put in the limelight with LED lighting appear in their true, natural colours. 

Philips MAS LED spot (GU10, 6.20 W, 575 lm, 1 x, F)
Quantity discount
9.85 per piece for 2 units

Philips MAS LED spot

GU10, 6.20 W, 575 lm, 1 x, F


7. Philips Lamp

Philips LED lamps offer a beautiful warm white light, an exceptionally long useful life and immediate, significant energy savings. With its elegant design, this lamp is the perfect replacement for traditional frosted incandescent lamps. With a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours, you'll reduce the hassle of replacing your incandescent bulbs frequently and enjoy a perfect lighting solution for over 15 years. Poor lighting can cause a lot of eye strain: light that is too bright blinds your eyes, and light that is too soft creates a flickering sensation in your eyes. Now you can illuminate your surroundings with LEDs designed for pleasant light and create the perfect ambience for your home. 

Philips Lamp (E27, 17.50 W, 2452 lm, 1 x, D)
Quantity discount
10.50 per piece for 2 units

Philips Lamp

E27, 17.50 W, 2452 lm, 1 x, D


8. Philips Master

Energy efficiency class EnEV 2020: D, Lamp socket: E27, Dimmable: dimmable, Bulb technology: LED, Luminous intensity: 1521 lm, Suitable for: High voltage.

Philips Master (E27, 11.20 W, 1521 lm, 1 x, D)
Quantity discount
8.40 per piece for 3 units

Philips Master

E27, 11.20 W, 1521 lm, 1 x, D


9. Philips CorePro LEDspot

A modern LED spotlight with GU5.3 base. It enables energy savings of up to 85% compared to traditional light sources. In addition, it has a small beam angle, a long life and emits light in the color temperature extra warm white. With an average lifetime of approx. 15,000 hours, this LED provides reliable light for the entire period of approx. 5 years. This means additional savings for you, as the maintenance and replacement costs are reduced to a minimum or even completely eliminated. 

Philips CorePro LEDspot (GU5.3, 7 W, 621 lm, 1 x, F)
Quantity discount
8.– per piece for 3 units

Philips CorePro LEDspot

GU5.3, 7 W, 621 lm, 1 x, F


10. Philips Lampe

Design and material finish:

- Material: Glass

- Color: Gold

Technical data:

- Supply voltage: 220-240 V

- Power consumption: 5.50 W

- Comparable wattage
of an incandescent lamp: 25 W

- Base: E27

- Dimmable: Domestic, phase control

- Dimming technology: Standard

Illuminant data:

- Light technology: LED

- Type: Bulb - A60

- Light color: Golden white

- Color temperature: 1800 K

- Luminous flux: 250 lm

- Color rendering index (CRI): 80

- Lifetime: 15000 h

- Switching cycles: 20000

Item dimensions and weight:

- Height: 106 mm

- Diameter: 61 mm

- Product weight: 0.05 kg.

Philips Lampe (E27, 4 W, 250 lm, 1 x, F)
Quantity discount
6.75 per piece for 3 units

Philips Lampe

E27, 4 W, 250 lm, 1 x, F