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    Staging pictures differently: 5 ideas

    by Pia Seidel


Magnetic strips for photos, scratch maps, blackboards or memo grids: pinboards and memoboards are available in many different colours, shapes and materials. They help you manage your to-dos and appointments and can also be used for decoration purposes. Simply pin your to-do's, coupons, gift vouchers, dentist appointments or wedding invitations on the wall. Create a creative mood board with a cork pinboard or use a handy weekly planner with pre-printed weekdays to keep track of your appointments. Blackboards, which you write on with chalk, create a cool bistro look.

Brands such as Zeller Present, Sigel, Ferm Living, Securit or ThreebyThree offer pinboards in a wide range of designs and materials. Use the filter options to browse the wide range of products and find the right memo board for your needs.

Handy accessories such as pins, note holders, magnets or self-adhesive pens are linked in the accessories section.