Top-rated products in the Pinboards category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Sigel Artverum

The magnetic board artverum from Sigel is ideal as a stylish plan or information board in the office or at home - magnetic and can be re-labeled again and again. Thus it is an absolute eye-catcher, whether as a single piece in portrait and landscape format or as an ensemble side by side on the wall. 

Sigel Artverum (Magnet board, 91 x 46 cm)

Sigel Artverum

Magnet board, 91 x 46 cm

2. Zeller Present Pinboard

Thanks to different sizes you can select them exactly according to your needs and use them in the private as well as in the business sector. The surface consists of high-quality cork, which closes the pinholes by itself and makes the pinboard usable for many years. The surrounding wooden frame gives the shelf a natural look and provides additional stability. 

3. Securit Woody

Perfect in any business to be used as a sales tool in combination with Securit liquid markers. With ease you describe every Securit chalkboard and as soon as the message has had its day, simply wipe it clean again to start again. Securit offers a variety of wall chalkboards that fit into different environments. Also practical at home. This cut-out chalkboard shape can be repositioned at any time using the Velcro system. 

4. Hama Mesh

Made of metal, individual arrangement of photos, postcards or other pictures with magnets or clips, incl. 8 clips.

5. Zeller Present Memo board

Whether in your office, kitchen or hallway, the decorative memo board is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the writable glass surface and the included pen, you can note down your important appointments. With one wipe, your written notes are gone again. Postcards, notepads or photos will never again be forgotten, because they can be easily attached with the magnets. The required material is included for quick and easy self-assembly. Note: Due to the properties of glass, it is best to use extra strong magnets. 

6. Bi-Office Pinboard

With the memo board from Bi-Office, your notes and notices will have a permanent place in the future. The self-healing, thick and durable natural cork surface is made from 90% consumer and industrial waste material. Simply use drawing pins or pins to fix your documents. The necessary fastening material is included so that you can easily attach the memo board. 

Bi-Office Pinboard (Bulletin board, 150 x 100 cm)

Bi-Office Pinboard

Bulletin board, 150 x 100 cm

7. Zeller Present Weekly planner

With this board you have all important notes, tasks and appointments for one week in view. Plan your weekly appointments easily and conveniently with the describable weekly planner. Notepads will never be forgotten again, because they can be attached with the magnets supplied. 

Zeller Present Weekly planner (Magnet board, Weekly planner, Whiteboard, 60 x 40 cm)

Zeller Present Weekly planner

Magnet board, Weekly planner, Whiteboard, 60 x 40 cm

8. Zeller Present Magma

With this panel you always have all important notes, tasks or appointments in view. Whether you want to write or attach with magnets, no information is lost on this practical combination of writing and magnetic board. It can be installed in both portrait and landscape format, depending on your space and requirements. The magnet-/writing board is available in different sizes and colours. 

Zeller Present Magma (Whiteboard, Magnet board, 60 x 40 cm)

Zeller Present Magma

Whiteboard, Magnet board, 60 x 40 cm

9. Bi-Office SF132001239

With the Memoboard from Bi-Office your notes and notices will have a fixed place in the future. The durable and resistant frame is made of 100% recycled or recyclable aluminium. The self-healing, thick and hard-wearing natural cork surface was made of consumer and industrial waste material. Simply use tear pins or pins to fix your documents. So that you can fasten the Memoboard easily, the necessary fastening material is supplied. 

Bi-Office SF132001239 (Bulletin board, 90 x 60 cm)

Bi-Office SF132001239

Bulletin board, 90 x 60 cm

10. Zeller Present World

This practical pinboard is made of cork and convinces with its World design. The pins as well as the mounting material are included in the scope of delivery.

Zeller Present World (Bulletin board, World map, 60 x 40 cm)
Quantity discount
7.85 per piece for 3 units

Zeller Present World

Bulletin board, World map, 60 x 40 cm