A safe, or vault, is used for the secure storage of valuables, money, documents or other items to protect them from theft, fire or misuse.

The safes are divided
into different types according to their intended use. In addition to the normal theft protection, there are, for example, special safes which are fireproof and protect documents and objects in the event of a fire. There are also safes for important documents, keys or even weapons.

The type of lock provides information about the way the safe is opened. There are safes that can be opened with electronic or mechanical number combination, or models with key or fingerprint opening.

The number of safety bolts can also vary greatly. The more security bolts a safe has, the harder it is to break open.

When it comes to size, the external dimensions are of course important for placement in the room or in a piece of furniture. The volume provides information about the storage space of the safe in the interior.

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