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The best surface for restful, healthy sleep is a mattress. No matter how beautiful and expensive your bed frame might have been, it won’t add to the quality of your nighttime rest. It’s the mattress that is decisive when it comes to the comfort of your bed. When shopping online, make sure to not only buy the right size but also to consider your sleeping habits and body weight. Our online shop features a wide range from cheap to expensive models: We’ve got mattresses by different brands including happy, Emma, BICO, Irisette, Robusta and many more. We offer beds in a range of sizes. Common sizes are: 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm, 120x200 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm and 180x200 cm. Shorter mattresses in sizes 80x190 cm, 90x190 cm, 120x190 cm, 140x190 cm, 160x190 cm are also common for shorter people. This means you can fit two narrow mattresses in any bed that’s 160 cm and therefore consider the individual needs of your partner. The disadvantage is that this creates a gap between the two mattresses. You can choose how thick / high you’d like your mattress to be by using the filter property height. Order your individual mattress online with us.

Mattresses are generally available in different degrees of hardness: soft, medium, hard or extra hard. However, there are no standards for these designations, i.e. each manufacturer assigns an individual marking of the levels of firmness. It’s not only the degree of hardness, but also the filling of the mattress that contributes to optimal sleeping comfort. A distinction is made between spring mattresses, latex mattresses, cold foam mattresses, foam mattresses, polystyrene foam mattresses and natural fibre mattresses. Guest mattresses, folding mattresses and roll-up mattresses are great if you have spontaneous guests who stay over, as these mattresses can be stowed away quickly and easily. The way you sleep also plays a role when buying a mattress, because depending on whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or belly sleeper, different properties are demanded of the mattress in order to ensure healthy sleep. Regardless of hardness, filling and sleep type, regular care of the mattress is important. To prolong the life of a mattress, it is recommended to turn the mattress every 3 months. This way it is evenly stressed on both sides and therefore stays in shape longer.