Best products in the Mattresses category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. basics by BICO Basics Model #01

The all-rounder.
For everyone who wants a good lying feeling and a balanced body position. The perfect introduction to a new dimension of sleeping comfort.

AirFlow technology in the mattress core guarantees optimal ventilation. Sophisticated ventilation channels in the foam core form the basis. The direct lying surface consists of a comfort layer made of high-quality AirFlow foam with a particularly open-pored cell structure - for high air permeability. Heat and moisture build-up are reduced and a particularly good microclimate is ensured throughout the entire sleeping system.

Unilaterally constructed 5-zone core for optimal lying dynamics - for all body types. With practical handles on the underside for turning and lifting the mattress.
Cover with anti-mite protection.

basics by BICO Basics Model #01

basics by BICO Basics Model #01

2. Irisette Fehmarn TFK

The Irisette Fehmarn pocket spring core mattress is a high-quality mattress with a 7-zone spring core and breathable, approx. 4 cm high comfort pads on both sides for optimum body adaptation. The construction and an ergonomic 7-zone division provide an extremely high point elasticity and at the same time an extremely pleasant pressure relief. The shoulders are effectively relieved, the pelvis is gently supported and is therefore ideally suited for side sleepers. The mattress ensures rapid moisture removal and prevents heat accumulation. Due to a 4-sided, separable zipper, it is removable and washable up to 60° C. 4 practical turning handles facilitate turning and flipping the mattress. 

3. Made by happy Crans Montana

Pressure relief and adaptation to the body. Surface profiling for a pleasant lying comfort. The mattress has a shoulder comfort zone and is suitable for allergy sufferers. The cover is removable and washable up to 60° C. 

4. Karup Design Tatami

The authentic, superior quality tatami mats are carefully crafted in the traditional Japanese style. It starts by creating a core of rice straw, naturally kiln dried and compressed to the specific standards of the Japanese Agricultural Society and the United States Department of Agriculture. This core is covered with a silky smooth surface made from first grade, long rush grasses, tightly woven and then stitched with multiple lines of yarn to provide the precise tension required for comfortable support and restful sleep. Made from renewable resources, the tatami mats are environmentally friendly and durable enough to last up to 20 years with proper care. You'll be glad to retire to them at night and proud to offer them as guest accommodations. 

5. Sanaflex Zone

The zone mattress consists of an open-pored and particularly breathable cold foam core with a 7-zone contour cut.

6. Irisette Lotus TFK

The mattress scores with a very good point elasticity due to the 500 ton pocket spring core. The 7 ergonomic lying zones and the special barrel-shaped spring shape guarantee optimal body adaptation and support. The breathable comfort layer and the Breeze material used ensure very good moisture transport and permanent absorption of odours. The cover is removable and washable up to 60° C. The 16cm high barrel pocket spring core is provided on both sides with breathable comfort foam made of cold foam. The Tencel-Breeze double cover is made of 45% Lyocell, 28% polyamide, 25.5% polyester and 1.5% elastane and is quilted with 400 g/m2 climate fibre. The mattress is suitable for people allergic to house dust. 

7. Irisette Lotus KS

The Irisette Lotus is the ideal mattress for hygiene conscious sleepers with a very high comfort requirement. The precise body adaptation of the 7 lying zones comes thanks to special incisions in 3D cube cutting technology. This breaks up the surface tension and the mattress can adapt precisely to the body contour.
Furthermore, the Breeze material scores with its very good moisture transport and a permanent absorption of odours takes place. The cover is removable and washable up to 60° C. The cold foam core with a density of 55 is 16cm high. The Tencel®-Breeze® double cloth cover consists of 45% lyocell, (Tencel?), 28% polyamide, 25.5% polyester and 1.5% elastane and is quilted with 400 g/m2 climate fibre. The mattress is suitable for house dust allergy sufferers and adjustable slatted frames.

8. happy FOREVER

The test winner mattress happy 700 (Kassensturz mattress test 2013) comes back. Simply better.

For the 10th anniversary of the test victory (Kassensturz mattress
test 2013), the former happy 700 mattress is making a comeback in a class of its own under the new name "happy FOREVER" and is even better than the original with 2 cm higher high-tech foam. Until 2019, the happy 700 mattress, which was distributed by Interio, was by far the best-selling product from happy.
This mattress is suitable for all lying positions and is available as a dual core in the two firmnesses soft = soft/medium and hard = firm/Xfirm.

That's why the happy FOREVER mattress makes you happy forever:
1) 100% Swiss Made
2) Anniversary version of the Kassensturz test winner mattress from 2013
3) Easy choice between two firmnesses:
Soft = soft on one side, medium on the other (up to 90 Kg).
Hard = firm on one side, Xfirm on the other (up to 150 kg)
4) Top price as in 2013
5) Particularly sustainable due to the recyclable cover made of recycled polyester.

Like all other happy mattresses, this product has a particularly good value for money (as we pass on the trade margin to you).

The breathable mattress cover with HCS fibre for optimal moisture transport also supports a hygienic sleeping climate. The cover is washable at 60 °C.
So that the muscles can regenerate in the best possible way during the night, as large a body surface as possible should lie on the mattress. This is achieved by sinking slightly into the mattress. The fewer pressure points there are, the less the body wants to relieve them and the less you have to change your lying position. For this reason, there are different firmnesses. Choosing the right firmness allows you to go through the sleep phases undisturbed and leads to a restful sleep.

The lumbar inserts and the recesses between the two foam layers stabilise the lying position. They support the spine so that it lies straight. At the same time, the shoulders and pelvis sink in enough to enable an ergonomically healthy sleeping position. Here, too, the aim is to achieve the best possible posture and to avoid changing positions due to pain in the joints and spine. The perfectly designed shoulder zone allows for a fantastic point sinking and is therefore one of the big plus points of this mattress. Thus, the happy FOREVER mattress is also very well suited for side sleepers - and that is after all 60% of the population.

The high-tech EvoPoreHRC cold foam is particularly breathable due to its open-cell structure. Its production requires 30% less material than conventional cold foams and it is 40% more dimensionally stable than cheap cold foams. This means: special longevity, sustainability and excellent moisture absorption.

9. Blackroll Recovery Base

High-quality mattress with 8 regeneration zones. Four firmness levels (H1-H4) in one mattress. Removable cover made of the high-tech fibre Celliant. Topper made of pressure-relieving visco foam. Made in Germany. With 8 individual regeneration zones and only one goal: that you get more real rest from your sleep. Breathable cover: The innovative Celliant fibre of the mattress cover converts body heat into infrared energy and ensures more rest and comfort during sleep. The anti-slip layer at the bottom of the cover also ensures that your base never slips. Naturally with Oeko Tex Standard, removable and washable at 60 degrees. Topper with memory effect. For optimum pressure relief and your tailor-made regeneration deep sleep. Soft hybrid foam. No matter whether you are a side, back or body sleeper, whether you prefer the particularly soft side or prefer to lie a little harder. 

10. Micasa Robin

This portable couch Robin is quite practical, because when folded it can be stowed away in a small corner, and if you have a guest to visit, it is opened in an instant. The portable lounger is very easy to transport and is an ideal solution for short stays in the apartment, at home or as a camping mattress at an open-air concert. 

Micasa Robin (80 x 190 cm, Foam core)

Micasa Robin

80 x 190 cm, Foam core