Fairy lights

Fairy lights create atmosphere in every season. Discover the large selection of fairy lights for your outdoor and indoor use. With our filters you will find the right light chain for every occasion and every need. Brands such as Fascinating Lights, Star Trading, Twinkly, Konstsmide, SIRIUS and Easy Connect not only carry fairy lights for your Christmas and Advent lighting but also fairy lights that turn your garden into a small sea of lights on warm summer evenings.

The light chain type filter helps you to find the right light chain. Under the light chain type you will find all year round light chains, whereas the following types are very popular especially during the Christmas season:

Angel Hair is particularly suitable as a discreet Christmas lighting for example on your Christmas table, Advent wreath or loose in a vase. Most Angel Hair fairy lights are battery powered and therefore do not need a power outlet nearby. Thanks to the wire to which the lights are attached, they can be easily shaped and wrapped around objects.

Under the type light net you will find all light chain nets, for example for window decoration around Christmas time. Here you will also find Christmas tree coats that you can throw all over the tree. They are also perfect for house walls or bushes and trees in the garden.

Light curtains are similar to light nets and are especially popular during the Christmas season.

If you are looking for suitable connecting cables or extensions, you will certainly find cables under the light chain type.

Based on the energy supply, you can easily choose between light chains with battery operation, battery operation, solar collectors or mains operation. Battery, solar and accumulator operated light chains allow flexible use in and around the house.

We have the right light chain for every need. In terms of length, there are individual chains that range from one meter to 90 meters, as well as system light chains from Star Trading or Fascinating Lights that can be extended as desired.

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Angel Hair (100cm)
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Star Trading Angel Hair (100cm)
angel hair (400cm)
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Star Trading angel hair (400cm)
Jolly (180cm)
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Star Trading Jolly (180cm)
Jolly Light (135cm)
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Star Trading Jolly Light (135cm)