Fairy lights

Fairy lights create the right mood, in summer for the garden party, in the Christmas season it is impossible to imagine life without them. Different specifications allow indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the power supply, not even a nearby socket is needed. Battery-powered light chains make flexible use possible indoors, for outdoors especially solar-powered light chains are very popular.
In our online shop you will find the right lights for different seasons and needs. The filter light chain type, makes the search for the right light chain particularly easy. Choose between seven different types. Angel Hair, light net, light tube, light curtain and Christmas light chains, are especially suitable for the Christmas season. Under the type fairy lights, you will find all year round fairy lights that are suitable for every season. If you are looking for connecting cables or extensions, select the type cable.
Under the type Christmas lights chain you will find all chains that can be used to light up your Christmas tree. You will also find fairy lights with Christmas motifs such as stars, fir trees and angels. Most of the light chains of the brands Start Trading and Fascinating Ligth can also be extended and make a particularly long light chain possible.
Angel Hair is particularly suitable as a discreet Christmas lighting. Most of them are battery powered and can therefore be placed independently of the power outlet. Decorated on a Christmas tree, on a Christmas tree or even loose in a vase, they are eye-catchers for every visit. Thanks to the wire they can be shaped and wrapped around objects particularly well.
Under the type light net you will find all light chains that directly illuminate a certain area. Here you will also find the Christmas tree coats, which you can easily put over the tree with a flick of the wrist. On windows, house walls or even over bushes and trees in the garden, they make decorating a quickly done thing.
Light tubes are best suited for house roofs and edges. For even more atmosphere some of them also allow the colours to be changed.
Light curtains, similar to light nets, are very popular especially during the Christmas season. Depending on the size, it is possible to clad not only house windows but also entire shop windows and facades. Brands such as Star Trading and Fascinating Ligth, with their expandable system light chains, make it easy to extend the surfaces without using a new socket for each part.

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