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Warmth, comfort and cosiness are guaranteed, no matter what type of blanket you choose – a bedspread, throw, comforter, woolly blanket, picnic blanket, weighted blanket, therapy blanket, summer blanket, outdoor blanket or a quilt. Depending on the model, a blanket or throw can make for a visual highlight in your living room or bedroom. From patterned to bright and colourful to coarsely knitted or quilted, it will definitely add a certain something to your home. Make your bedroom look neat in not time by covering your bed with a quilt or a throw. In a living room setting, a blanket is a great way to accentuate the room or frame your sofa when combined with cushions. Come wintertime and bedspreads are great for warmth and cosiness. Our best-selling sizes are 130x160 cm, 140x190 cm and 150x200 cm and are made of wool or faux fur. In summer, blankets made of linen or light cotton are perfectly suited for the warm weather. They really come in handy on the balcony or in the garden when it gets cooler again in the evening. The weight blanket is currently very much in demand, because it is supposed to help you fall asleep more calmly and quickly due to the individually selectable weight. Blankets made of synthetic or natural fibres are great for allergy sufferers. Find styles ranging from elegant to modern, Nordic to playful or oriental models with tassels or fringes. Buy your favourite blanket online and choose between bestseller brands including Zoeppritz, Flair, Eskimo, Bassetti, Ferm Living, Joop or Silkeborg. Looking for a blanket to take with you when you’re out and about? Our range includes army blankets suited for this purpose. They’re easy to transport as you can roll them up and fasten the with the belt. Another advantage, besides the look and warmth that a bedspread provides, is that it protects you or your bed from dust and dirt. When it’s not in use, you should store your blanket in a cupboard or storage box to protect it from discolouration caused by sunlight. Not all blankets are machine-washable. Take a look at the care instructions before putting your favourite blanket in the washing machine.