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    The Philips Wake-up Light – and why I'm back to using sound instead of light as my alarm

    by Katja Fischer

Alarm clocks

Like to sleep in or get up early? Our range includes a large selection of devices to help you wake up, from sleep phase alarm clocks and wake-up lights to radio-controlled alarm clocks. Let’s take a look at the different types of alarm clocks:

Wake-up lights:
With daylight, our body automatically begins to produce hormones (serotonin). These hormones help you get up and get you through the day. In winter, however, many of us have great difficulty getting out of bed because of the lack of light. Wake-up lights are alarm clocks that gradually become brighter, starting about 30 minutes before the actual wake-up time. If you’re afraid the simulated sunrise won’t manage to wake you up, you can additionally set an alarm tone: some models even offer soothing sounds such as the sound of the sea or birdsong. You’ll find various wake up lights by Philips, Beurer, Medisana and Sleepace in our range.

Sleep cycle alarm clocks:
A sleep phase alarm clock detects your sleep phases via your body movements and determines which phase is the best to wake you up in. For this purpose, the last 30 minutes before you wake up are analysed. A further advantage is that partners with different sleep patterns can both be woken at the time that's ideal for them. The axBo model for two people, for example, allows you to set different alarm tones for each bracelet.

Radio-controlled alarm clocks:
They adjust the time via radio signal. What's handy is that there's no need to change from summer time to winter time.

Classic alarm clocks with twist:
If you like to be woken up with a signal tone or a radio channel, classic alarm clocks are the right choice. They also have a wide range of functions:
The Lexon's flip alarm clock switches off when you turn it upside down. Gingko alarm clocks are activated by snapping your fingers. The Braun LCD Bluetooth alarm clock, for instance, wakes you up at different times on different days. Radio alarm clocks by TFA or Philips are particularly suitable if you want to wake up to the news or music. The current award winner among these alarm clocks is the Lametric. Red dot award winner 2016, the Lametric is an innovative companion for your smart home.

Most alarm clocks have a digital display and are equipped with a snooze button.