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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best TFA products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. TFA Bell alarm clock

This classic alarm clock will get you out of bed safely with its extra-loud double bell alarm. While you sleep, the built-in sweep clockwork runs extra quiet and won't disturb you. You can illuminate the display at the touch of a button. The metal housing and the real glass front make the alarm clock particularly high-quality. 

2. TFA Clocco

The minimalist design in wooden look with invisible display will match any lounge or bedroom décor. When you use the supplied power adapter, the digits are permanently illuminated and can be adjusted in three brightness levels. Choose between time, date, indoor temperature or a changing display. Thanks to the automatic dimming function, the light goes to the lowest level between 7 pm and 6:59 am. The night sleep remains undisturbed and the time is still readable. If you prefer to operate Clocco with batteries, the display remains invisible and it is briefly activated by a sound or a touch. The alarm ensures you get up on time and with the DCF-77 time reception, the exact time is automatically set. 

3. TFA Boxx2

The Boxx2 radio-controlled alarm clock has two decisive advantages that set it apart from conventional radio-controlled alarm clocks: It does not need any disposable batteries, but the integrated rechargeable battery can be charged easily, economically and environmentally friendly via micro-USB cable - at the notebook, at the PC, at the powerbank - just like your smartphone. This allows you to set up the Boxx2 flexibly and independently of power outlets. The second highlight is the ability to set alarm times individually for each day of the week. Two alarm times are available and you can select individually for each day whether the alarm should ring at one or both alarm times or not. And if you don't want to get up right away, the snooze function will give you a few extra minutes in bed. The duration of the alarm time interruption can be set to 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The radio clock receives the time via the DCF 77 signal. This means that you will always get the current time to the second without having to set it beforehand. The date appears and today's weekday is highlighted in color. If the seconds or calendar week display is more interesting to you than the year, the display can be permanently switched. A display for temperature and humidity helps you regulate the indoor climate in your bedroom. For a restful sleep, the temperature should not be above 18°C, but not below 16°C either. The humidity is between 40 and 60% in the optimal range. To ensure that you can easily read the display at night, the alarm clock has a discreet and economical LED backlight, which can be switched on automatically in the dark via a light sensor. 

4. TFA Projection

Do you wake up at night every now and then wondering what time it is? With this radio-controlled projection alarm clock from TFA, you have the current time clearly in view, because it’s projected as a digital display in red numbers on your bedroom wall or ceiling. At the same time the room temperature also appears and you can check if the value is in the ideal range for a restful sleep (16 ° C to 18 ° C). If the alarm function is activated, the alarm symbol will also appear on the projected display and you can be certain that your alarm will ring at the set time. With the snooze function, you can also get a few extra minutes of sleep. The projection and the display illumination can be set in two brightness levels or switched off completely. The radio-controlled clock receives the time via the DCF-77 signal. This will always give you the current time to the second, and the date and day of the week will appear without setting. If you operate the device with batteries only, the projection and the display illumination can be activated for a few seconds only at the touch of a button. You need the supplied power adapter for a permanent projection. 

5. TFA Sweep

Easy-to-read numerals and minute markings make it easy even for smaller children to read the time. In the dark, a soft, very discreet night light switches on automatically via the integrated light sensor. At the touch of a button, a bright illumination can also be activated, which illuminates the round clock face evenly and fully and then slowly fades out again after about 10 seconds. The rising alarm tone wakes the little sleepyheads punctually at the set time. And if the offspring do not want to get up right away, the snooze function starts a new alarm attempt after a few minutes.The rubber-coated underside ensures a safe stand on the bedside table. 

6. TFA Digital radio clock with room climate

This radio-controlled clock from TFA Dostmann impresses thanks to its clear display. The large display and the wide viewing angle allow easy reading of the information shown from almost any position in the room. This radio-controlled clock is particularly suitable for the entrance or reception area, the waiting room and the office. In addition to the date with full weekday, the indoor temperature and humidity are also displayed. So, you can ensure a pleasant climate in your living and working spaces. The time is set to the exact second via the DCF-77 signal and the change from winter to summer time is also automatic. The simple and clear design of this radio-controlled clock means that it fits into every environment, whether hung or freestanding. With the backlighting activated at the touch of a button, you can keep an eye on the time even in the dark. In addition, the device also has all the features and functions of an alarm clock. 

TFA Digital radio clock with room climate
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TFA Digital radio clock with room climate


7. TFA Bingo 2.0

A radio alarm clock with extensive features, but without superfluous gimmicks. The wireless alarm clock Bingo 2.0 is, like the "little" brother Bingo, intuitive and easy to use. The large, high-contrast display is even clearer and can be read well in the dark. Pressing the large button on the top of the alarm clock will briefly illuminate it for a short time. If you want to know the time during the night, you can also select a discreet and economical night light that automatically switches on and off via the integrated light sensor. Two alarm times with different alarm sounds can be activated independently of each other. Just push the respective slide switch on the side upwards. A colour mark clearly shows whether the alarm is on. Let yourself be woken up gently with a rising alarm or at full volume. If you don’t want to get up right away, use the snooze feature. In addition, the Bingo 2.0 lets you know the day of the week and the date, and in addition measures the room temperature. 

8. TFA Lumio

Would you like an alarm clock that shows the time at night? Without penetrating bright permanent lighting or laborious searching for the light button, without annoying mains plugs or constant battery changes? Then the Lumio digital alarm clock is the right choice for you! You can set the alarm so that the backlight goes on all by itself in the dark. The display is dimly lit. Bright enough to tell the time, but not too bright to disturb. Thanks to energy-saving LED technology, the battery still lasts for a long time. The snooze function allows you to wake up gently. 

TFA Lumio
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TFA Lumio


9. TFA Peter

This alarm clock fulfils its purpose completely.

10. TFA Lea

This wireless alarm clock from TFA fits through its simple design in every bedroom. The alarm clock is set to the exact second via the DCF77 signal and changes automatically from summer to winter time. It always informs you of the date and at the same time measures the current room temperature so that a good room climate can always be ensured. With the alarm clock you will be woken up on time and the snooze function allows you to wake up more gently. The backlight works at the touch of a button.