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1. TFA Bell alarm clock

TFA Bell alarm clock
Alarm clocks
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TFA Bell alarm clock

2. TFA Clocco

3. Lexon Ray Clock

High quality LCD screen in aluminium and ABS with integrated temperature and ambient temperature display. Dispone inoltre di un sensore di movimento a infrarossi per la funzione snooze, in modo che l'allarme possa essere attivato o disattivato inclinando la sveglia. Puoi scegliere tra diverse melodie e suoni naturali per creare un suono individuale. Funzione di inclinazione. Il sensore di movimento a infrarossi integrato permette di attivare o disattivare la funzione sveglia con un semplice movimento della mano. Se l'allarme è rivolto verso l'alto, l'allarme è attivato; Se l'allarme è inclinato verso il basso, l'allarme è disattivato (indicato dal simbolo dell'allarme sullo schermo). Sensori integrati. La sveglia dispone anche di sensori integrati per la temperatura ambiente e l'umidità relativa. Ciò significa che sei sempre informato sulla qualità dell'aria nella camera da letto e puoi prendere precauzioni se necessario. USB-C. La sveglia Ray Clock is ricarica con il cavo USB-C incluso. La batteria ha un'autonomia fino a 6 mesi e si ricarica completamente in 4 ore. 1 Ray Clock case 1 USB-C charging cable 1 user manual 

4. Lenovo Smart 2

Manage your day, all day. From the time you wake up to the time you bed down, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 will keep you organized. Set reminders and ask Google for information. Check the time and look at photos on its gorgeous, customizable 4" colour touchscreen display. Control other smart devices in your home and listen to music or podcasts on its front-firing 3W speakers. Keep your nightstand clutter-free while charging up to two other devices. A daily assistant on your nightstand. Let your Lenovo Smart Clock 2 organize your day with reminders and alarms. Ask questions, check on traffic and weather, listen to news briefings, and more—all from the comfort of your bedroom. Just ask Google. Control up to 50,000 compatible devices with your voice or touch. And because you can toggle the mute button and the clock doesn’t have a camera, your privacy is assured. Louder, crisper sounds. With improved front-firing speakers, the Smart Clock 2 delivers better, room-filling audio compared to its predecessor. The speakers are expertly tuned for clearer vocals. And you can broadcast to other speakers or smart devices across your home. Easily see what you need. With its 4" colour touchscreen, the Smart Clock 2 showcases the time, weather, and your family photos with a choice of customizable clock faces. With its soft-touch fabric cover in three great colours, it blends perfectly with any décor. Kickstart your day, unwind in the evening. Start your day better and keep on top of your tasks and schedule. Ask Google to check your next meeting time or play some music while you prepare for the day. Do more with a single command with the “good night” routine: turn off the lights, lock the doors, and play some relaxing white noise or music for a guided meditation before you go to sleep. 

Lenovo Smart 2
Alarm clocks
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Lenovo Smart 2

5. Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

Xiaomi Mi Smart ClockThe little all-rounder - alarm clock, weather, various clock face designs, calendar, news - and much more. Clock face designs, calendar, appointments, news - all this and much more can be displayed by the smart assistant. The Smart Clock can also present your favorite photos and thus serves as a digital picture frame. With the integrated speaker, you can wake up to your favorite music, or simply stream audio content from popular music portals - all conveniently via voice input. 

6. Lexon Flip Premium

Flip Premium Alarm Clock. Is the alarm really on? Any uncertainty vanishes with this clock from the hands of Jeremy & Adrian Wright for the brand Lexon. Because whether the clock sounds its alarm the next morning depends on which side you put the metal case on: A tangibly perforated On/Off label on the top visible in each case leaves no room for doubt. The display rotates 180° as if by magic and also shows the alarm time in the corner when On - it doesn't get any clearer than that, good night! And if you want to read the time at night, simply snap your fingers - and a sensor for sounds causes the display light to come on. Lexon now delivers the Flip Premium Alarm Clock with an integrated battery, which is charged with an included USB-C cable in three hours, but promises a wireless use of three months. 

7. Sony XDR-C1DBP

With this portable DAB clock radio, you can listen to your favourite radio stations on the go. Thanks to the five preset channels, you can find the content you want quickly and easily. Thanks to the bypass battery, you can take the radio with you wherever you go. The dimmable LCD display of the clock radio will not rob you of your sleep. Wake up to either radio or beeps. 

8. Braun BC08-DCF

This radio-controlled circular alarm clock with worldwide radio reception from Braun measures 57 mm x 57 mm x 19.9 mm and is available in three different colours. The black version has an inverted LC display. The travel alarm clock is equipped with a patented high-contrast backlight and a snooze function. The alarm clock has a quick setting function and can be operated in 12 or 24-hour mode. In countries where no radio signal is received, the radio setting can be switched off and the clock can be set manually 

9. Lexon Flip+

Designed by the Wright brothers, this award-winning revival of multiple design awards works by turning on and off with a single twist. Equipped with an LCD screen, a touch-snooze function and covered with silicone rubber, Flip watch comes in various versions to accessories of your bed so indispensable. On the ON side, the alarm is activated and shows the time on the left and the alarm time on the right. The alarm can be switched on and off by turning the alarm clock clockwise. The large letters on the top and bottom clearly indicate which mode is active. On the OFF side, the alarm is deactivated and the alarm clock shows only the time. The touch pad illuminates the display when touched. A portion of "extra sleep" is provided by the Snooze function. 

10. Philips Wake-up Light HF3500/01

With the Wake-up Light, which wakes you up naturally:
- Waking up with light
- Soft signal tone
- Bedside lamp

Inspired by the sunrise in nature, the light intensity
increases over 30 minutes to a bright yellow light. This slow change stimulates the body to wake you up naturally. Together with the room-filling light, the natural sound you choose will help you wake up fit for the day.

Light sensitivity varies from person to person. In general, people who are exposed to a higher light intensity wake up more quickly. The 10 light intensities of the wake-up light can be adjusted individually and even up to 200 lux.