ZaZu Gina

Ambitious and loving parents want their darling to feel comfortable in the evening when it's time to go to bed. The Zazu Gina night light is perfect for this purpose. The light comes in the shape of a cute animal and soothes baby's mind. The Zazu Gina night light is available in various colours, so there is something for everyone. It can be used to light the way from the bed to the toilet. The same applies to other paths, so the little ones can find their way in the dark. Since the night light can also serve as a flashlight, this product serves two purposes at once. The lamp is also designed to turn itself off after about 10 minutes. This conserves energy consumption and usually the light is not needed for longer. When the function is switched to night light, the light goes off after 30 minutes, so the little ones have enough time to fall asleep comfortably and securely. The Zazu Gina night light features different shades, so there is a lamp to suit every colour taste. The lamp is also easy and convenient to charge, namely with a USB cable. This is included in the delivery and does not have to be ordered separately. The product is recommended for the smallest from birth, because experience has shown that babies fall asleep easier when they have a night light available. Mums and dads can place the Zazu Gina night light on the child's bedside table, on a shelf, on a chest of drawers or windowsill, or wherever it suits their purpose. In any case, it is cozy and comforting for babies and toddlers to find a light in the dark, because it conveys security. A variety of ideas are available when it comes to a gift for birth or a child's birthday. The Zazu Gina night light is particularly nice for this purpose, because it turns an otherwise rather undesirable bedtime ritual into a pleasant one, especially if fairy tales and stories are also told. Depending on taste, the lamp can be selected in the respective shade. The little ones will feel comfortable with their new gift poodle and even like to go to their cozy little bed from now on. If you like, you can also place the night light in the hallway or another room, so that the little ones can easily find their way around in the dark. Either way, the light designed specifically for children is a great added value in the dark. Features Zazu Gina Night Light: 2in1 function: can be used as a night light or flashlight Automatic shut-off function (flashlight after 5 minutes, night light after 30 minutes) Night light with color selection: yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, turquoise or green Built-in rechargeable battery rechargeable with USB cable.

Key specifications

Power supply
Rechargeable battery operated
Exact colour description
Night light functions
Automatic switch-off, Colour changes
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