Philips Hue Lily Basis

640 lm
Energy efficiency class
Energy efficiency class


Light up and personalise your garden or seat with the Philips Lily. Always adapt the light to your daily needs: The IP65 weatherproof garden spot is easy to control with Philips Hue. Illuminate special design elements in your garden with the spotlight, choose from 16 million colours and create an atmospheric atmosphere. Thanks to a built-in LED, this luminaire is extremely energy-efficient in operation. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have the advantage over conventional light bulbs that they do not generate heat, but convert most of the energy into light and thus consume only a fraction of the electricity. Because LEDs are flicker-free and have a high colour rendering index, their light is always pleasant for your eyes. Objects that you stage with LED lighting appear in their true, natural colours. LEDs are also extremely robust and long-lasting; the luminaire therefore requires hardly any maintenance despite its long service life.

Key specifications

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Electrical connection
7 cm
19.20 cm
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