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Hello from Scandinavia: multifunctional outdoor lamps

Portable outdoor lamps are nothing new. The Dutch label Kooduu tops all expectations with a multifunctional lamp for outdoor areas.

Light, music, decoration and wine cooler in one: «Synergy» lamps create a relaxed and stylish atmosphere for your BBQ or dinner date. The Danish brand Kooduu takes combining technology and style to a new level.

Feature overview: «Bigger is better»

This smart lamp is available in three sizes – 41, 56 and 71 cm. The larger the lamp, the longer the battery lasts. The smallest one plays music non-stop for five hours; the largest one up to seven hours. The lamp syncs to any compatible device via Bluetooth and plays music from any of your playlists. A full charge takes between six and seven hours; again depending on the size of the lamp.

«Size matters» is also true for the sound volume: the larger the model, the louder it plays music. You like a glass of cool wine with your music? No problem! Synergy lamps feature a waterproof built-in compartment. All you need to do its place ice cubes inside it and it turns into a wine cooler. The two smaller sizes have space for one bottle; the large one can take up to two.

An eye for detail

Once charged, Synergy lamps are portable and wireless. All sizes feature an elegant bison leather handle and aluminium feet, allowing you to carry your lamp like a lantern and place it wherever you like. With a convex shape and grooved structure, this lamp is also a stylish eye catcher. It also makes for a decorative indoor item and is a great addition to your lighting. This lamp is sure to be a highlight in any room.

The built-in compartment isn’t only suitable for bottles; it can also be used a vase. Although not dimmable, Synergy lamps produce warm yellow light that is comparable to candle light and creates a cosy atmosphere – especially handy when you’re relaxing in your outdoor area on a windy evening.

Synergy (41cm)
CHF 149.–
Kooduu Synergy (41cm)
This decorative LED light features an integrated Bluetooth 4.1 speaker for indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used as a wine cooler or plant pot etc.


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Synergy combines elegant design and clever features and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Like this article? Follow me and you’ll know about my next one. For more smart outdoor deco lamps, check out Mipow and find more brands here.

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Best of both worlds or absolute rubbish?

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