Swaddle blankets + Muslin squares

A gauze cloth - also called a gauze diaper or molleton cloth - is very often used for babies and toddlers. Whether you use it as a spittoon, a screen for your pram, a sun visor in your car, a cuddle cloth, breastfeeding protection, a scarf or simply a popular cuddle cloth, the gauze diaper will accompany you every day. In the online shop you will find a large selection of washable gauze diapers in different designs and colours from brands such as Aden!anais, Bambino Mio, Odenwälder, little unicorn, Babywell, Grünspecht, Kushies, zwei, Luma, Die Spiegelburg, Lässig and many more. 

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Ergobaby - Puck-me bag

Bambino Mio - Rainforest (70cm, 70cm)

Mum2Mum - DreamSwaddle (86cm)

Grünspecht - Gauze diapers (30cm, 30cm)

aden + anais - Swaddles (120cm, 120cm)

aden + anais - Spitting cloths set (70cm, 70cm)

aden + anais - Silky Soft (120cm, 120cm)

aden + anais - Classic Musy (70cm, 70cm)

Babywell - Gauze diapers (60cm, 60cm)

aden + anais - Classic Swaddle (120cm, 120cm)

Mum2Mum - DreamSwaddle (25cm, 60cm)

aden + anais - Classic Swaddle (120cm, 120cm)

little unicorn - Wrap 3 packs (120cm, 120cm)

Grünspecht - Gauze diapers (70cm, 70cm)

aden + anais - Classic Swaddle (120cm, 120cm)