Especially in the first year of life hygiene is extremely important to protect babies from bacteria. Sterilizers (also known as vaporizers) kill germs in baby bottles, on nuggis, teething rings and breast pumps by means of hot steam - they disinfect completely without chemicals. In the past, baby bottles had to be laboriously boiled. Sterilizers significantly simplify and accelerate this process. On average, boiling off takes only six minutes. If you use a sterilizer for the microwave, it is even faster, depending on the wattage of the microwave. On many models, the contents remain sterile for 24 hours with the lid unopened. When choosing your sterilizer, make sure that the capacity is sufficient for the number of bottles you want to disinfect at the same time. 

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UVC sterile case
59S UVC sterile case
Multifunctional UV sterilization box P55Y
59S Multifunctional UV sterilization box P55Y
Multifunctional UV sterilization box S1
59S Multifunctional UV sterilization box S1
elektrischer Sterilisator Premium SCF293
Philips AVENT elektrischer Sterilisator Premium SCF293
Microwave disinfection unit
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reer Microwave disinfection unit
Sterilnatural 2 in 1
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Chicco Sterilnatural 2 in 1
UVC Sterilisations-Tasche To Go
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59S UVC Sterilisations-Tasche To Go