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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Philips Avent Sterilizer

Sterilize, dry and store. Get ready for your baby's next meal in 40 minutes. The premium bottle sterilizer and dryer uses air jets to dry bottles before it turns off. The sterilizer is fast and hygienic, killing 99.9% of germs for a safe mealtime. It only takes 40 minutes for bottles to be ready for your baby's next meal. After the powerful steam sterilization, a concentrated jet of air dries bottles and accessories so they're ready to use again right away. The high quality electric sterilizer not only cleans bottles and kills germs, but it also dries and stores bottles and accessories so they stay sterile for up to 24 hours. 

2. Laurastar IGGI

IGGI is a steam cleaner that disinfects textiles and objects. The hygiene steam DMS kills 99.9% of all viruses (including the coronavirus) and bacteria in your home: Clothes, stuffed animals, toys, fabric masks, motorcycle helmets, door handles, pillows, glasses, keys, etc. But that's not all! IGGI smoothes garments with high pressure and makes even the finest textiles beautiful with long-lasting effect. Kills 99.9% of viruses (including Covid-19) and bacteria and 100% of mites* on everyday textiles and items (*laboratory tested). Smoothes clothes with high-pressure steam and restores freshness and volume. Gentle treatment and cleaning of fabrics, even the finest, with long-lasting effect. Can be taken anywhere, even in hand luggage. Perfect in a gift set. Award-winning design (red dot design award, if design award). 

3. Medela Quick Clean microwave bag

With Medela Quick Clean microwave bags, you can disinfect your breastfeeding accessories in about three minutes - faster and easier than boiling them. This kills 99.9 percent of the most dangerous bacteria and germs. Up to 20 applications per bag. While cleaning with quick clean, hot steam is created in the bag that kills 99.9% of the most common bacteria and germs. Pack of 5. 

4. Philips Avent Sterilization bag

Philips Avent microwave steam sterilization bags allow you to quickly, easily and efficiently sterilize Baby bottles and Baby products anywhere, anytime. Bottles can be sterilized in the microwave in only 90 seconds per bag. Each bag package for steam sterilization in the microwave contains five individual bags. Each bag can be used up to 20 times. This means you can sterilize up to 100 Baby bottles, breast pumps and other accessories with just one package. Each bag contains a check box. By checking the checkboxes, you can easily track how often you have used each bag. Microwave steam sterilization bags have been proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

Philips Avent Sterilization bag
Quantity discount
12.40 per piece for 2 units

Philips Avent Sterilization bag

5. Samsung ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all.

The UV disinfection box with inductive charging function offers the possibility to sterilize everyday personal items such as
a smartphone, smartwatch, headphones or even glasses and keys. After only 10 minutes up to 99% of bacteria & germs e.g. E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa are eliminated.

During the disinfection process you can power your Qi Certified Smartphone and continue to use it when the disinfection function is completed or not in use.

Samsung ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function

Samsung ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function

6. Reer Microwave disinfection unit

Germs and bacteria are a great threat to the health of your favourite. With the disinfection unit for the microwave, you can naturally remove water vapour from vials and accessories. Optimum use of space allows up to 4 bottles with accessories to fit in your microwave. Fast and environmentally friendly steam disinfection without the addition of chemicals. The disinfection process takes approx. 7 minutes. Also suitable for storing disinfected baby bottles. 

7. Reer Vaporizer VapoMat

The vaporizer performs a fast and energy-saving disinfection in only 10 minutes. It has an integrated switch-off function and is suitable for all common baby bottles (also gripping and wide-neck bottles). It offers space for up to 6 bottles including accessories. 

8. Chicco Natural 3in1

The electronic sterilizer of the Italian brand Chicco disinfects baby bottles, breast pumps and pacifiers in just 5 minutes (+7 minutes of heating). Only natural steam is used without the addition of chemical additives (steam temperature approx. 100°). The effective and safe device eliminates 99.9% of household germs thanks to the disinfecting power of steam. At the end of the cycle, the steam sterilizer switches off automatically and does not need to be rinsed afterwards. As long as the lid of the device remains closed, the items remain sterile in it for up to 24 h. 

9. 59S Multifunctional UV sterilization box P55Y

Fast sterilization: kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses in only 3 minutes with 24 UV-LED light diodes from all sides. Safe design: This sterilizer has a built-in sensor that automatically turns off the UV light when the lid is opened to prevent damage to eyes and skin. A practical shelf ensures that your items are illuminated from all sides. Wide range of applications: With a size of 24 x 19 x 15 cm, even larger objects or several objects can be disinfected at the same time. The box is suitable for mobile phones, trays, bottles, glasses, cosmetic items, toys, linen, face masks, etc. Disinfected objects can also be kept sterile in the box.

Long service life: The service life of LED UV diodes is 10,000 operating hours. Simple and user-friendly: 1. put the objects in the box and close the zipper. 2. click on the Disinfection button to start disinfection, the round light flashes. 3. at the end of the disinfection, the light is permanently on and your objects can be removed.

Power supply: power plug (included), 24 LED diodes (from top and bottom); UVC LED life: 10,000 hours; safety mechanism: automatic cut-off of UV radiation when the lid is opened; delivery includes: 1 x sterilizer, 1 x power supply, 1 x user manual

59S Multifunctional UV sterilization box P55Y
98.90 was 199.–

59S Multifunctional UV sterilization box P55Y

10. Chicco Sterilizer with Dryer

The electric steam sterilizer 2 in 1 of the Italian brand Chicco sterilizes all baby bottles and teats as well as accessories within the shortest time naturally by means of hot steam (approx. 100°C). If the device is not switched off, a new sterilization is initiated every 5 hours. This means that you benefit from sterile items for more than 24 hours if you keep the lid closed. The remaining sterilization time as well as the cycle can be read on the digital display. The large water tank holds approximately 400 ml. This steam sterilizer is suitable for up to 6 bottles of all lines of Chicco and accessories. However, the Chicco brand sterilizer is also suitable for products of other brands. The sterilizer is compatible exclusively with objects that may also be placed in the microwave.