Breast pads

A nursing pad is a textile pad for breastfeeding mothers to catch leaking breast milk and thus prevent soiling of clothing. They are available as disposable and reusable versions. They consist of two circular palm-sized layers of fabric (usually cotton and/or silk) or cellulose with an absorbent material between them. 

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Philips AVENT - Thermo Pad 2 in 1 (2x)

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Ardo - LilyPadz (2x)

Suavinex - Stilleinlagen (56x)

Philips AVENT - Stilleinlagen (60x)

Medela - Milchauffangschalen (2x)

Medela - Stilleinlagen (30x)

Medela - Safe& Dry Ultra Thin (30x)

Philips AVENT - Einweg-Stilleinlagen (24x)

Medela - Brustwarzenformer (2x)

Philips AVENT - Stilleinlagen (6x)

Suavinex - Brustschalen und Milchsammelschalen (4x)

Medela - Brustwarzenschutz (2x)

Philips AVENT - Brustschalen-Set (2x)

Elanee - Seide/Wolle-Stilleinlagen (1x)