Cable accessories

Cable accessories are spare parts such as anti-kink sleeves for RJ-45 cables, crimping pliers, plug attachments, HDMI extenders, digital microscopes, adapters for various types of plugs, sheath current filters, HDMI extensions, collets for cable ties and other small items.

We offer cable accessories from well-known brands such as AIV, Aten, CYP, Hama, Kathrein, LD Systems, Lindy, Marmitek, Maxxtro, Monacor, Oehlbach, OEM, Purelink, Roline, Sennheiser, TechniSat, veho and Wirewin.

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Do it + Garden - Cable tie 200mmx4.8mm detachable

- RJ45-Stecker 100er-Pack Cat.6

Do it + Garden - nail collars

Do it + Garden - Cable tie detachable

Bemero - Klett-Kabelbinder 16015PK-SI 1 Stk.

Do it + Garden - Velcro system

Do it + Garden - Terminal blocks

Bemero - Klett-Kabelbinder 16015GN-SI 1 Stk.

Cablofil - Gitterkanal Edelstahl 304 50x54mmx3m

Delock - USB-Typ-C Staubschutz, 10 Stück

Neutrik - Speakon plug

Atra - CC87

Vulcascot - Rubber Cable Protector MCP/1

Hama - Koax

- Knickschutzhülle, 10 Stk.