Washing, trimming, oiling: What your beard needs

Washing, trimming, oiling: What your beard needs

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In the past, young men wanted to be as clean-shaven as James Dean. Today, the beard can't be thick enough. Whether moustache or full beard: Those who opt for facial hair have a lot to do.

Long gone are the days when men and even women glued fake beards to their faces. In the 16th century, grocers' shops had stick-on beards in their range - just like some toy shops today, where children buy real monstrosities of beards for carnival. Over the centuries, the hair on a man's face has always been subject to the spirit of the times: Sometimes beards were in, sometimes frowned upon. Sometimes it was an expression of power and masculinity, then again the epitome of poverty and a lack of self-respect. James Dean's baby face was still considered absolutely sexy, today even George Clooney wears a beard.

Men with beards: better chances on the marriage market

The beard is visibly back in fashion these days. It remains to be seen who exactly triggered the trend. The fact is: when something is scientifically proven, it packs a punch - and confirms everyone who was convinced of its accuracy even before the result. This is what happened with the result of this study: Men with beards are more attractive. But what does a beard have to look like to make it more attractive? According to science, beards (whether three-day or full beards) beat a clean-shaven face. However, whether it also needs to be well-groomed has not been scrutinised.

A look at the care products section of drugstores clearly shows how important the topic of beards and especially their care has become. Just like the fact that real barbers specialising in beard hair are springing up like mushrooms. Men are pampering themselves and their beards.

In this guide, I go on an exploratory tour as a bearded man and present you with tips for at home on the topic of beard care:

1. beard is beard is beard

Which type of beard you choose depends on your beard growth. While some people are already blessed with a full beard at the age of 16, for others it feels like the first hairs don't sprout until well after puberty. In fact, the average beard starts to grow between the ages of 13 and 16: first on the upper lip, followed by sideburns, chin, cheeks and neck.

2. the right shave

Of course, as soon as hair appears on the face, you need a razor. The cheapest model is the Einwegrasierer, füfor which you need shaving foam. This will allow you to remove the areas with moderate growth and only leave beard where it is already growing well. At the beginning, the moustache is often a good place to start and you can emphasise it. However, the longer the hair grows, the more difficult it becomes to groom the beard itself, as beard hair is not only significantly thicker than normal hair, it also tends to grow faster and thicker. Therefore, you will not be able to avoid buying a beard hair trimmer. Try it out, groom your hair yourself, emphasise what you have and cut off the unnecessary stain carpet (even if you are proud of it). A well-groomed beard always has a clear shape and good edges. For the latter, you may want to consider a higher quality product than a disposable razor. Either a classic wet razor or a Rasiermesser.

3. daily care

Just as you brush your teeth every day, you should also groom your beard every day. Depending on the growth of your beard, this may include a quick trim with a trimmer or tweezing the edges. But even if you don't have to trim it every day, there's one thing you should always do: wash your beard. Because even if there is no scientific consensus on whether a beard leads to more dirt and bacteria on your face, you should still keep your face and therefore your beard as clean as possible.

You will also notice that you run your hands through your face much more often with a beard than without. Therefore, clean your beard every day, ideally in the evening with water and rinse it thoroughly. You can also use special shampoos and cleansers 2 to 3 times a week. Always keep an eye on your facial skin: Too much washing dries out the skin, which can sometimes only be recognised under a beard when dandruff has already formed and the skin has become brittle. Therefore, wash and apply a moisturiser afterwards if necessary.

4. extra care mile: Oiling, combing, brushing, waxing

To give your beard that little bit extra, you can use a comb or brush in the morning after showering or getting up. Special oils also ensure fresh, healthy hair and soften the beard. For those who wear a moustache and want to deliberately emphasise it, wax can be an option for styling the beard like a hairstyle. Twisted-in beard tips are possible and keep their shape for longer. By the way: Beard oil and wax often have an intense and distinctive scent. So make sure that it doesn't clash too much with other scents such as eau de toilette, aftershave, shampoo and deodorant and turn you into a walking cloud of fragrance.

5. a visit to the professional

If you've been trying different things for a while and are brave enough for a change, we recommend visiting a professional. Good barbers know exactly which beard flatters which face and type. Perhaps you have always worn a full beard and completely ignored the fact that you are covering up prominent facial features. The barber will recognise this and give you the perfect cut. You will also discover the level to which beard care can be raised. A wet shave with a razor cut is an unrivalled experience. This gives your beard even sharper contours, which you then only need to touch up at home from time to time with your trimmer and/or wet shaver.

In addition, there are benefits such as facial massages and the use of high-quality care products for washing and styling. You will hardly be able to copy all of the barber's tricks at home, such as the transition from beard to head hair or the deliberate taper at the sides. However, depending on how well you work yourself, you can delay your next visit to the barber by 3 to 4 weeks.

By the way: barbers can also trim eyebrows, nose and ear hair. However, if the hair on the head is to be cut at the same time, additional training as a hairdresser is required. For this reason, many barber shops offer beard trimming at the same time. However, you can get the full focus on your beard from a barber who is solely dedicated to this topic.

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