Unleash your inner barista!
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Unleash your inner barista!

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 25.05.2016
As a young Tom Cruise proved in “Cocktail“, bartending is not as easy as it looks. Preparing drinks requires practice and time. However, with the right tools and a bit of intuition even amateur baristas will be whacking out fantastic creations. All these colourful accessories may not make you a better barista but they will definitely increase the fun factor when it comes to experimenting. Chin-chin!

Tools for preparing ##

Partydrinks und Cocktails (Silvia Winnewisser)
Partydrinks und Cocktails (Silvia Winnewisser)
Strawberry knife
Quantity discount
11.80for 2 Pieces
Kuhn Rikon Strawberry knife

Mixing, shaking and stirring ##

Decorating & serving ##

Table No. 1
Bloomingville Table No. 1
Silicone glass marker set, happy monsters (glass marker)
Lurch Silicone glass marker set, happy monsters (glass marker)

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Cinzia Memper
Cinzia Memper

Category Marketing Manager, Zurich

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