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    by Pia Seidel


Coasters serve a practical yet subtle role in homes and establishments, protecting surfaces from the heat, moisture, and potential damage that can arise from drinkware. They are favored for personal use to maintain the quality of furniture in living rooms, dining areas, and on desks, and by hosts who wish to offer guests an elevated experience while ensuring their furnishings remain pristine. Often a reflection of one's taste, coasters can be both functional and decorative, and are commonly used in daily life to rest hot or cold beverages upon.

Customers should consider the coaster's material and shape when selecting the right set for their needs. Wood, being a robust and typically round option, offers a classic and warm aesthetic that can complement any room decor. The material of a coaster determines its heat resistance and moisture absorption, so wood coasters may be more suited for environments where a natural look is desired and where the durability of the material is appreciated. The shape, while frequently round to align with the base of most drinkware, also comes in various other forms such as square or novelty shapes that can accommodate different styles and purposes.

When exploring the range of coasters, Zeller Present offers a cork glass coaster set that blends functionality with a natural, understated look. Meanwhile, Westmark takes a different approach with their natural slate coasters, providing a sleek, earthy vibe. Zone Denmark steps into the sophisticated space with their elegant glass coasters perfect for modern aesthetics. For those seeking innovation and space-saving design, Kuhn Rikon's Smart & Compact range may be the ideal choice. Finally, for pizza enthusiasts or outdoor grilling aficionados, Stöckli's PizzaGrill provides a unique and practical coaster solution for a different cuisine experience. Each brand delivers a distinct characteristic to the table, catering to varied tastes and usage occasions. Whether one leans towards traditional or contemporary, there's a coaster set tailored to fit every surface and style preference.