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Technical integration

created on 24.07.2019
Here’s everything you need to know about the technical integration of product and order data.

Product data

An inspiring and streamlined shopping experience is based on correct, comprehensive product data. They allow customers to find relevant products quickly and efficiently by using the search, navigation and filter functions. Every product comes with high-resolution photos and videos, precise product descriptions, size variants and detailed specifications to help customers find the information they need and compare products. This substantially increases sales opportunities, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

High-quality product data also allow us to make all your products available to customers automatically within a short time. This means we're able to draw on the full potential of our own product range in the shortest possible time. For these reasons, Digitec Galaxus insists on accurate and complete product data from all partners.

Fundamentally, Digitec Galaxus AG distinguishes between two types of data integration. Automated integrations serve the purpose of creating large numbers of products for the online shop. This type of integration is implemented in cooperation with Digitec Galaxus on a project basis. Conventional integrations (manual product creation) enable suppliers to connect product data to our system in a flexible and pragmatic way. The requirements regarding data structures and the scope of information are considerably lower in this case than in automated integrations.

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Order data

An automated transfer of order data allows for fast and efficient order processing between you and Digitec Galaxus AG. This makes customers happy and creates an even more attractive shopping experience. The automated exchange of EDI documents happens in XML format via FTP. We use the openTRANS standard, which defines data structure and content. You receive orders electronically, send us the according order status via interface and thus connect your online shop or ERP directly to Digitec Galaxus. This type of integration is implemented in cooperation with Digitec Galaxus AG on a project basis. Our extranet, the CMI (Company Management Interface), is available for manual order processing. It is designed for simplified processing of orders and requests.

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