Setting up your home workshop: Here’s what you need
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Setting up your home workshop: Here’s what you need

Madeleine Bello
Zurich, on 16.02.2017
Translation: Eva Francis
When it comes to setting up your workshop, you should start with basic equipment. Then you'll need the right tools and machines. Always keep the following questions in mind: How much experience do you have? How often will you use your workshop? Which materials will you mainly work with? Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsperson, we're sure to have all the equipment you need.


Are you planning to set up a workshop or are you reorganising the one you have? Check out our range of workbenches, toolboxes and shelving – it’s important to get the basics right. Tool boards and tool boxes offer great storage while a workbench or a joiner's bench serves as a working top.

Hobelbank Junior/Senior (36cm)
Sjöbergs Hobelbank Junior/Senior (36cm)
Steel vise 5"/125 mm
139.–was 179.–
Kraftwerk Steel vise 5"/125 mm

Stationary machines

Once you’ve got the basics right, it’s time to think about stationary machines. How about a lathe, a table saw or a bench drill?

Table saws
2-speed scroll saw DSH (205W)
Proxxon 2-speed scroll saw DSH (205W)

Find more table saws here.

For DIY enthusiasts

Every household needs some basic tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers and pliers. With a toolset, you’ll have everything you need at hand – and you’ll always know where to find your tools.

Schlosserhammer 1000g (1kg)
Ironside Schlosserhammer 1000g (1kg)
Hex drivers
Winkelschraubenzieher-Set (9x)
58.40was 70.–
PB Swiss Tools Winkelschraubenzieher-Set (9x)
Kombizange 160 0301
KNIPEX Kombizange 160 0301

Go to our full hand tool range.

For professionals

If you already have a workshop, you probably own all basic tools. How about a drilling machine, a hammer drill, a compressor and a grinding machine? These tools make a good addition to every workshop.

Cordless drills/>
GSR 12V-15 incl. 39-pcs. set (10.80V, 1500mAh, Li-ion)
Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 incl. 39-pcs. set (10.80V, 1500mAh, Li-ion)
GSR 18-2-LI Plus (Battery-operated, 18V, 1500mAh, Li-ion)
Bosch Professional GSR 18-2-LI Plus (Battery-operated, 18V, 1500mAh, Li-ion)
GEX 125-150 AVE Set incl. L-BOXX (Eccentric grinder, 400W)
Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Set incl. L-BOXX (Eccentric grinder, 400W)

Find all bits, all drill bits and our full range of pneumatic tools here.

Protective equipment

Wearing good DIY clothing is essential: Never work without suitable shoes and clothing. You should wear protective glasses, a dust mask and earmuffs, especially for sawing.

See our full range of protective equipment here.

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