Respirator masks

Respiratory masks are indispensable components of personal protective equipment in a wide range of working environments. They are used in sectors such as the automotive industry, construction, agriculture and the chemical industry. Their outstanding ability is to ensure clean breathing air in a wide variety of working environments. In addition to protection against fine dust, gases and odours, the focus is on maximising wearer comfort to make work more pleasant.

When purchasing a respirator, it is important to first consider the individual protective effect that corresponds to the specific requirements. Our range includes various protection classes and application options. While half masks offer basic protection, full-face masks provide more comprehensive protection. Reusability also varies: Disposable masks are practical, while reusable options are more sustainable.

To make the choice easier, here are three important tips:
1. know your working environment and identify potential sources of danger.
2. pay attention to the protection class that meets the requirements of your activity
3. consider the comfort and fit of the mask, especially for longer working hours.

Our range includes renowned brands such as 3M and Uvex Safety. Use our filters to find the right product for you!