Party hard, come rain or shine. Outfits for her
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Party hard, come rain or shine. Outfits for her

Vanessa Kim
Zurich, on 20.06.2018
You’ve got the tickets, time to pray for good weather! No matter what the elements throw at you, you’ll be prepared with these three outfits.

In spring, all eyes are on California, where the annual Coachella festival takes place in the Colorado Desert. Not only is it one of the most famous open-air festivals in the US, it’s also a great spot to enjoy famous bands and do some serious people watching in the heat of the desert sun. Coachella is also a breeding ground for trends that spill over to festivals in Europe. Style-wise, I’ll show you how to be one step ahead at Swiss open airs – come rain or shine.

Coachella festival sets the tone in terms of fashion trends.

It's getting hot out here

When it’s 30° C in the shade, you’re outfit had better be loose. Tight-fitting gear will only make you sweat. But if you insist on showing a bit of skin, shorter is better.

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Get off of my cloud

Clear skies and sunshine would have been nicer. But hey, 20° C is still warm enough. After all, if temperatures were higher, you’d have to worry about your make-up running. Not great if you’re looking for a flirt… Let me remind you that those clouds in the sky won’t keep out harmful UV rays, so remember to apply sun screen. That lobster-red look is a lot worse than running make-up.

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Why does it always rain on me

Rain showers and the Openair St. Gallen go together like salt and pepper. Yet it’s one of the most popular festivals in Switzerland. Armed with a plastic poncho, you’ll stay dry and save precious space in your bag. A big plus: The transparent design will not hide your amazing outfit.

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Get the party started:

Footloose: Good shoes are a must. Opt for closed footwear as it will protect you from injuries. High heels are a no-go – even if you’re knee-high to a grasshopper.

UV protection: Believe me, I don’t enjoy having a layer of stickiness on my face either. That’s where the new kind of sun screen comes in handy. They’re light in texture and leave you with no excuse not to apply them.

Frostbite: The evenings can get quite chilly – best to wrap a jumper around your waist.

What’s your ultimate festival outfit? Let us know in the comments field! Enjoy this? Follow me and you’ll never miss any of my articles.

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Vanessa Kim
Vanessa Kim
Editor, Zurich
When I’m not exploring the depths of the sea as an open water diver, I enjoy plunging into the world of fashion. On the streets of Paris, Milan and New York is where I keep my eyes peeled for the latest trends. And I’ll show you how to take them from the catwalk to your everyday life.

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