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Our latest feature: The product slide show

It’s #featurefriday once again! Today, we’re taking a closer look at an everyday situation in our online shop: You’re looking for a product, have filtered your search and are left with a handful of results. Now you would like to compare them in your own good time. When it comes to less technical products, our product comparison doesn’t always offer the best solution and that’s why we’ve introduced our slide show.

Activate the slide show by clicking on the field at the top right. This works for almost all viewing modes showing several products. Slide show mode displays enlarged products one by one together with the most important information. The focus being more on the prodcut picture and visual comparison of the products and less on the technical details.

Use the navigation fields in the lower part of the window to pause, restart or manually call up the previous or next product. You can of course add products presented in the slide show directly to your shopping list, to product comparison or to your shopping cart.

Have you used the slide show feature yet? Could it do with some improvement? We look forward to your feedback and comments – and to our next #featurefriday.

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Thierry Pool, Zurich

  • Head of Digital Marketing and Media Planning
I’m passionate about observing the development of the digital environment – particularly when it comes to the countless exciting and interesting challenges and changes it has in store for our society, our everyday lives and businesses. Apart from that, gaming has been a part of my life since I first started out at Digitec Galaxus as well as IT in general, travelling, sports, concerts and good food.


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User Oliver Herren

Wir programmieren auf C#, modifiziertes MVC. Eigenes ORM. Dazu aktuelle Front-End Technologien.

User 28m28

Man kann bei 'Direkt zu' -> 'Ausverkauf' keine Sortierungsoptionen mehr auswählen, obwohl diese angezeigt werden.

User Thierry Pool

Danke, 28m28, scheint ein Bug zu sein. Wir gehen dem nach.

User Synoon

Auf was für Technologien setzt ihr eigentlich generell im Webshop? Gerade auch in der Entwicklung würde es mich noch interessieren..