One last autumn planting session before it gets cold!
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One last autumn planting session before it gets cold!

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 05.11.2015
Autumn is the best time to plant shrubs – fruit shrubs in particular

Generally, trees, shrubs and roses can be planted throughout the year – including baking hot summers – provided the ground is frost-free and temperatures are above 0°C. This goes for potted plants as well as bare root plants (no root balls or earth stuck to the root). However, planting in summer means you will have to water the plants several times a day to prevent them from drying out. For this reason, autumn planting in October or November is generally easiest as plants remain well-rooted until spring, sprout wonderfully and have enough time to store moisture. Exception: Peach trees and apricot trees are best planted in spring.

Säulenapfel Malini Subito
Lubera Säulenapfel Malini Subito
Mini-Apfelbäumchen Maloni® Lilly®
Lubera Mini-Apfelbäumchen Maloni® Lilly®
Redlove® Odysso®
Lubera Redlove® Odysso®
Apfel Bionda Bella
Lubera Apfel Bionda Bella
Pointilla® Sweet'n'sour®
Lubera Pointilla® Sweet'n'sour®
Saskatoon Saskablue®
Lubera Saskatoon Saskablue®
Sanddorn Leikora
Lubera Sanddorn Leikora
Sanddorn männlich Pollmix
Lubera Sanddorn männlich Pollmix
Heide, blühende Schneeheide, blühende Winterheide
Lubera Heide, blühende Schneeheide, blühende Winterheide
Schneeball, Winterschneeball 'Charles Lamont'
Lubera Schneeball, Winterschneeball 'Charles Lamont'
Rose The Fairy Bodendeckerrose
Lubera Rose The Fairy Bodendeckerrose
Grand Nord® (in large container)
Lubera Grand Nord® (in large container)
Eliza (im grossen Container)
Lubera Eliza (im grossen Container)

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Cinzia Memper
Cinzia Memper
Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
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