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Layette guide: essentials for your baby

Are you going to be a parent soon? A lot of prep work is involved in making your home ready for a baby, especially if it’s your first. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get all the essentials for your newborn.

Nappies and baby care

Touch and emotional engagement are essential for your baby’s development. Changing nappies, bathing and massaging your baby all involve physical contact and our skin, our most important sensory organ, memorises tender touch as a trustful experience. This is why it’s important to cuddle with your baby, show your love and make changing nappies and bathing your baby an enjoyable experience. These products are a great help in doing so.

Changing nappies

Baby care

Baby clothing

Having left their warm and comfortable home, babies need clothing that’s warm, comfortable and lets them move as much as they like. Adjust to the season: In the summer, short shirts and trousers are fine, in the winter, your baby will need warmer clothing. Dressing in layers will make sure you can easily adjust to any temperature.

Baby food

The good thing about breastfeeding is that mum’s always have milk at the perfect temperature with them. Breast milk is full of important ingredients and contains antibodies that help babies fight off viruses and bacteria. Therefore, experts recommend feeding breast milk, either by breastfeeding or by giving babies the bottle. Either way, the products below are great little helpers when it comes to feeding your baby.


Baby bottles and food


Preparing a baby’s room is often considered to be one of the most exciting and enjoying things that parents do before their baby arrives. Discover our large range and order furniture, decorations and toys directly to your home.

On the go

A new family member will bring joy and a few changes to your everyday life. Whether it’s taking your baby to the city, running errands in the neighbouring village or going for a run in the forest, having the right equipment is invaluable.


In the time before your baby learns to crawl or even walk, a baby monitor is ideal to find out as soon as your baby is crying or restless. Once your baby starts developing better motor skills and an urge to move, it’s important that your home is childproof and your little one can’t get hurt.

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