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I cycle, therefore I am: life on two wheels

Enjoy the freedom and excitement of cycling. Here’s to everyone out there: get on your bikes, ready, go!

Are you the fearless type? Or the weekend cyclist? Possibly even a frequent racer? Or the sporty type? All about the looks? Do you have a stylish single speed bike in your bedroom? Whether you’re into road racing or cycling into work on your single speed wearing suit and tie, there’s a bike for everyone.

The sporty cyclist

Racing bike or mountain bike, road or trail – as long as it makes you sweat, you’re happy. As sporty cyclist, you don't just want to get from A to B; the journey is the reward.

The frequent cyclist

As frequent cyclist, you cycle E V E R Y W H E R E. Temperatures below zero and a bit of snow? That’s no reason not to travel by bike. While others take a train or bus, you can’t wait to hop on your bike.

The weekend cyclist

You own a bike and you use it to get croissants at the local bakery on a Sunday morning. Distance there and back: 362 metres.

The helmet-free cyclist

You never wear a helmet on your bike. Your trendy hairstyle wouldn’t forgive you if you did. And on top of this, you wouldn’t look as sexy in a helmet as you do without.

Here’s more inspiration and information about cycling (in German):

<strong>Urban Riding:</strong> Bleib in Bewegung mit diesen vier Velotypen
CyclingProduct presentation

Urban Riding: Bleib in Bewegung mit diesen vier Velotypen

<strong>Mit dem Citybike</strong> entspannt durch die Stadt
CyclingProduct presentation

Mit dem Citybike entspannt durch die Stadt

<strong>Voll im Trend:</strong> Das E-Bike
OutdoorShopping guide

Voll im Trend: Das E-Bike

<strong>Blood, sweat and tears</strong> – that’s why you love your racing bike
OutdoorProduct presentation

Blood, sweat and tears – that’s why you love your racing bike

«In the flow» – <strong>mit dem Commencal Essential Fox</strong>
OutdoorProduct presentation

«In the flow» – mit dem Commencal Essential Fox

<strong>Safe and comfy</strong>: How to transport kids on bikes

Safe and comfy: How to transport kids on bikes

This might also interest you (in German)

These are our best <strong>new bike products of 2018</strong>
CyclingNews & Trends

These are our best new bike products of 2018

Die etwas anderen <strong>Veloschlösser</strong>

Die etwas anderen Veloschlösser

<strong>Sicherheit über alles:</strong> Kinder-Veloanhänger im «Kassensturz»-Test
CyclingShopping guide

Sicherheit über alles: Kinder-Veloanhänger im «Kassensturz»-Test

<strong>Kindervelositze im Test:</strong> Die Hälfte erhalten das Prädikat «gut».
OutdoorProduct presentation

Kindervelositze im Test: Die Hälfte erhalten das Prädikat «gut».


Patrick Bardelli, Zurich

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Crunches, High Plank Limb Raises, Low Plank, Russian Twist, Side Plank Oblique Crunch, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Quick Feet, Squat Stars, Butt Kicker Jump Squats, Calf Raises, Curtsy Lunges, Jump Squats, Lunge & Twist, Lunge to Front Kick, Single-Leg Deadlift, Wall Sit, Alligator Push-ups, Commander Push-ups, Declined Wall Push-ups, Narrow Push-ups, Narrow-to-Wide Push-ups, Single-Leg Push-ups, Stagger Push-ups, Burpees, 10k – 21.1k runs…and then there’s work, family, a dog, a cat … and another week is over.


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