How to clean your household and kitchen appliances

How to clean your household and kitchen appliances

Raphael Knecht
Zurich, on 22.07.2021
Translation: Octavia Hurst
Whether it’s your yellowed bedding, your oven dripping with grease, or your office chair covered in crumbs, with a few tips and tricks, you can get everything clean again.

Are you the tidy, neat type? Or are you the ruler of your own chaos, in which you nevertheless always find everything you’re looking for? Either way: what really matters is cleanliness. It doesn’t matter where and how you store your home appliances. But it’s crucial that you clean them properly. Different materials and textures require special cleaners and care tailored to them. I have packed all my cleaning guides into this overview, so that you know how to get your fridge clean again in no time, how to wash your pillows correctly and how to make your wine glasses shine again.

Coffee maker

Many people can’t start the day without it: coffee. To make sure it gets really hot and tastes great, you need a well-maintained coffee maker – and that includes descaling it.

King of Cleans: how to clean your *coffee machine**

King of Cleans: how to clean your coffee machine


Your fridge is on duty 24 hours a day. So, don’t forget to treat it to the maintenance it deserves from time to time. That way it’ll stay clean and efficient and keep your food appetising.

King of Cleans: how to revive your *refrigerator**

King of Cleans: how to revive your refrigerator


Whether you’re making lasagna or cake, the oven is one of the most used kitchen appliances. Not creating dirt while using the oven is impossible. But with a few tips and tricks, the kitchen appliance will be sparkling clean again in no time.

How to clean your *oven**

How to clean your oven


The dishwasher is that trusty helper that gets your dishes and cutlery clean again in no time. If there’s a stench coming from the machine and your kitchen utensils are staying dirty, there’s often something wrong with the dishwasher itself.

Deep clean your *dishwasher**

Deep clean your dishwasher

Wine glasses

Whether you use a dishwasher or not, washing up is tedious enough. But getting wine glasses spotless is a whole other story. The right techniques and tools are what makes the difference.

How to clean your *wine glasses**

How to clean your wine glasses

Fabric mask

When using a reusable cloth mask, correct cleaning is key. Here are some do’s and don’ts to get your face protection looking and feeling brand new.

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Whether for a warming soup or a relaxing tea, my kettle knows no rest since I’ve been working from home. To ensure that everything always tastes as it should, regular and proper descaling is essential.

Wie du deinen *Wasserkocher** vom Kalk befreist

Wie du deinen Wasserkocher vom Kalk befreist

Upholstered furniture

Stains on sofas and armchairs are annoying. They seep deep into the fabric and are in highly visible places. With some smart tips and suitable home remedies, removing even the most stubborn dirt is a piece of cake.

Wie du Flecken aus deinen *Polstermöbeln** kriegst

Wie du Flecken aus deinen Polstermöbeln kriegst

Carpet stains

Whether due to wine splashes, food scraps or pets, sooner or later any carpet will show signs of usage. And the dirt is here to stay. Get rid of it with common home remedies and clever hacks.

*Hausmittel gegen Teppichflecken:** So wirst du Verunreinigungen los

Hausmittel gegen Teppichflecken: So wirst du Verunreinigungen los


Every night, you wrap yourself in the covers and fall asleep peacefully. To make it last as long as possible, take care of it and wash it regularly. If you follow a few tips and tricks, nothing can go wrong.

Wie du deiner *Bettdecke** ein langes, flauschiges Leben schenkst

Wie du deiner Bettdecke ein langes, flauschiges Leben schenkst


When you’re lying on your mattress, you’re often not alone. Dust mites, skin cells and sweat collect under the surface. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll get rid of all that in no time.

Wie du deine *Matratze** reinigst, so schläfst du

Wie du deine Matratze reinigst, so schläfst du


Every night you fall asleep on them: pillows. To keep them fluffy and clean for as long as possible, you should wash them regularly. If you follow the most important tips and tricks, you can hardly go wrong.

So reinigst du deine *Kopfkissen** richtig

So reinigst du deine Kopfkissen richtig

Tumble dryer

The dryer rids your freshly washed clothes of moisture in no time. However, if it makes strange noises, stinks and only manages semi-dry clothes, it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

Wie dein *Tumbler** wieder sauber wird

Wie dein Tumbler wieder sauber wird

Washing machines

Turn by turn, your washing machine cleans textiles. But every now and then, it needs some tender loving care. To make sure you’re washing machine will continue to go merry-go-round, follow the tips and tricks in this article.

Wenn die *Waschmaschine** stinkt: So reinigst du sie richtig

Wenn die Waschmaschine stinkt: So reinigst du sie richtig

Vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner declares war on dust. But what happens when it stops doing what it's supposed to? With these tricks and the right aids, you can get your vacuum cleaner cleaned in no time.

King of Cleans: how to clean your *vacuum cleaner**

King of Cleans: how to clean your vacuum cleaner

Down jacket

It’s there for you when it’s freezing cold: your down jacket. Often worn, it requires special care from time to time. If you follow the most important tips for cleaning, the cosy coat will stay with you for a long time.

Die Daunenjacke: *korrekt gereinigt** lebt sie länger

Die Daunenjacke: korrekt gereinigt lebt sie länger

Office chair

It’s not just your surroundings that get dirty while you work. Even without eating lunch in front of the screen, your seat will get a lot of wear from dirty pants or pets. Here, I show you how to clean your office chair.

Wie du deinen Bürostuhl wieder *sauber kriegst**

Wie du deinen Bürostuhl wieder sauber kriegst


Laptops have been in constant use since Covid. Not only their software is challenged on a daily basis, but their outsides also suffer from dust, dirt, and food scraps. Now is the time to deep clean it.

Wie du deinen *Laptop** wieder sauber kriegst

Wie du deinen Laptop wieder sauber kriegst

Keyboard and mouse

Your keyboard and mouse are put through the wringer while working from home or while gaming. Even when you’re not eating and drinking in front of the computer, dirt accumulates. I’ll show you how to get them clean again.

Wie du den Dreck aus deiner *Tastatur und Maus** kriegst

Wie du den Dreck aus deiner Tastatur und Maus kriegst

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