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Help s ve lives t d y.

A, B, O (or zero) are not just letters but classify our blood types. Every day, humans depend on blood donations. If there’s a lack of donations, situations can get critical. We support SRC Switzerland's blood donation campaign to thank all donators for filling the supply gap.

What would happen if there were no more blood reserves due to a lack of donations? It does not bear thinking about. Blood donations are vital. To draw the public’s attention to this fact, the international campaign “Missing Type“ was launched. From 15 August, companies and celebrities in Switzerland and in over 20 other countries the world over will remove the blood type letters A, B and O (or the number 0) from titles, logos, texts and products.

The campaign aims to thank all donators who, with their selfless deeds, help cover the demand of blood.

Furthermore, the campaign also aims to raise awareness of the fact that new donators are needed. In recent years, the number of donations has declined. Young donators are needed to fill the gap and replace the missing donations.

For further information on the campaign, go to Missing Type.

Our in-house donators

Many of our very own employees were happy to donate. We asked some of them about their view on donating blood:

Raphael Knecht

Marketing Manager, IT

Donating blood means two things to me: Saving lives and doing something good. The human body is perfectly capable of producing and refilling the donated blood. I suppose there was also a bit of self-interest behind my donation; after all, who knows if I might need someone else’s blood one day?

Madeleine Hager

Junior Marketing Manager, DIY & Garden

Donating blood only takes a few minutes and can save somebody’s life. Furthermore, you never know when and if you might be dependent on a donation yourself.

Anadi Singh

Junior Marketing Manager, Notebooks & Printers

When I was still at uni, I donated blood every three months. Saving peoples’ lives and getting a free lunch in return for that bit of blood seems like a very good deal to me.


Dzenita Murtovi

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