Good morning Switzerland, Grüezi President Trump!
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Good morning Switzerland, Grüezi President Trump!

Aurel Stevens
Zurich, on 09.11.2016
We hardly expected this – Hillary Clinton defeated by Donald Trump. For the next four years (or eight 🙈), Donald Trump will be in the White House. We’ve put together some products he can take along to the Oval Office.

Can’t quite remember where Sweden, erm, Switzerland is located in the world? This globe might help.

"Make America great again!" It’s practically guaranteed to find ways of doing so with this excellent magnifying glass.

With this bargain made of solid gold, signing all kinds of documents has never been so easy. The price is unbeatable, too!

Exception Precious
Waterman Exception Precious

In the unlikely event that all that hot air should run out, this handy (and elegantly designed) Dyson fan heater will come to the rescue.

If the urge to push that button (atomic bomb!) gets too strong to bear, the Useless Box will provide unfailing relief.

With this powerful hairdryer at hand, the typical Trump hairdo is achievable in under two seconds.

Even though it’s crystal clear who’s in the limelight, it can do no harm to keep this spotlight in the drawer to put things in the right light.

This pocket-size Clinton figurine will bring a smile to President Trump’s face whenever things aren’t going too smoothly.

A beautiful mirror as a subtle and constant reminder of who’s the greatest.

Firenze (100 x 200 cm)
Furn Firenze (100 x 200 cm)

This cute eye-catcher to put on a desk is a great little motivator for keeping that dream of a “wall of Mexico” alive.

Bricklayer duck 7.5 x 8.5cm, rubber duck
Bath toys/>
Sombo Bricklayer duck 7.5 x 8.5cm, rubber duck

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Aurel Stevens
Aurel Stevens
Chief Editor, Zurich
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