Gifts for 4-year olds

Gifts for 4-year olds

created on 12.11.2015
Building stuff with blocks, handicraft and helping out around the house are still absolute favourites with kids this age. Their constructions are starting to look like real houses and they have improved their scissor skills.

Building sets – for wee construction workers

4-year olds are starting to build things that look like houses, cars and planes.

Medium size device box (10696)
LEGO Medium size device box (10696)

Fine motor skills – handicraft and experimenting

Kinetic Sand Silber/Gold Assortiert
Spin Master Kinetic Sand Silber/Gold Assortiert
Play-Doh Riesensofteismaschine

Gross motor skills – climbing, balancing, jumping

Bobby Car red incl. whisper tyre and shoe protector
BIG Bobby Car red incl. whisper tyre and shoe protector

Creating worlds of play – Who's joining in?

Large riding school with paddocks
PLAYMOBIL Large riding school with paddocks

Playful learning – why, how, what?

Parlour games

Children love playing parlour games and generally stick to the rules but also enjoy making new ones.

Looping Louie
26.–was 29.90
Hasbro Looping Louie
Animal on Tier Suisse
4 of 4 remaining
22.40was 28.–
HABA Animal on Tier Suisse
Lotti Karotti
Ravensburger Lotti Karotti

Playing solo – I did that all by myself!

Magischer Würfel 2
VCUBE Magischer Würfel 2
Camelot Junior (German)
Smart Games Camelot Junior (German)

Rhythm and music

Dolls and stuffed toys

Baby Annabell Puppe
Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Puppe
Deluxe-Moden Fashionista Midge
Barbie Deluxe-Moden Fashionista Midge
Peepers Schildkröte Sandy Jumbo (76cm)
Suki Peepers Schildkröte Sandy Jumbo (76cm)
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