Gifts for 1-year olds

Gifts for 1-year olds

created on 12.11.2015
So the tiny tot is babbling away and has even started to say a few words. Its motor skills are developing at a fast pace, actions are more focused and movements are more controlled.

First steps and other coordinated movements

Taking steps is practiced over and over again. The child has taken a few steps by itself or with the help of somebody’s hand and can probably stand alone for a few seconds. Hand movements are increasingly coordinated, enabling children to throw things. This is the time when the little ones start to explore things with their hands and not only their mouth. They also increase targeted movements such as placing smaller cups into larger cups.

Nachziehtier Puppy (BP1070411400)
Push toys
Hape Nachziehtier Puppy (BP1070411400)

Cuddly friends

Lilly (40cm)
Sebra Lilly (40cm)
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