Get equipped for Zurich’s annual lake crossing

Get equipped for Zurich’s annual lake crossing

Theresa Schieder
Zurich, on 28.06.2016
This year, the legendary Zurich lake crossing will take place on 6 July. We’ve got the equipment you need to be part of this unique event.

The event

Zurich's Lake Crossing has been a highly popular event for swimmers of Zurich since 1985. Last year, around 9000 swimmers crossed Lake Zurich on the 1500m stretch that lies between Mythenquai and the Tiefenbrunnen lido on the opposite bank. This year, the organisers are expecting a similarly high number of participants. The time it takes to cross the lake is not measured, as the event is not a competition but focusses on fun and pleasure. No registration is required to take part. All you need to do is grab a starting number at the pay desk between 2pm and 6pm. Swimmers can start from 3pm. Floatation devices are not permitted.

Your equipment

Get equipped for both preparation and the big day of the lake crossing: A sports bikini, swimsuit or swimming trunks, a nose clip and maybe ear protection. And don't forget to bring a small bag (that can be left at the beach). The uniform bathing cap is included in the entry fee and is handed out by the organiser.

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Theresa Schieder
Theresa Schieder
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