Eagle Creek: packing made easy
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Eagle Creek: packing made easy

Vanessa Kim
Zurich, on 15.05.2019
Post-editing: Patrik Stainbrook
With public holidays coming up, it's the perfect time for taking short trips. If you've got the travel bug, take a closer look at these packing tips.

Do you know what a packing cube is? I used to think they were dry bags, but my colleagues in product management set me straight and asked whether I wanted to write about them. I was instinctively put off because I had previously dismissed the products as unnecessary frills. Why do I need a nylon bag when I can pack my suitcase perfectly well without one?

But, as I don't like to condemn things without even having tried them, I stopped and thought about it for a moment and quickly agreed to the «test». As it happened, I was going away shortly afterwards. It was the perfect opportunity to form my own opinion.

Three days later, I had several Eagle Creek packing cubes laid out on my desk. They're not exactly attractive, but they protect my clothes from any cosmetics spillages and enable me to use the space in my case more effectively. ## Too good to be true?

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My jeans before and afterwards. The pile is considerably compressed.

The «Pack-It Specter Compression Cube» has two zips: one internal and one external, with the latter coming into play when the internal one has been closed. This compresses the contents of the garment bag to almost half the size. In my case, this was four pairs of jeans.

The nylon is coated with silicone, making the packing cubes water-repellent and tear-resistant. And both zips deliver on their promises: despite my overfilled packing cube, they withstood the resistance and I managed to close both of them by the skin of my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised.

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Now I just have to remember what's in which bag...

I admit that the case looked a lot more organised. However, when I got to New York, I noticed that my clothes weren't immune to creases. I also had to remember what was in which bag before unpacking. The slightly transparent material doesn't even help.
Verdict: If you're travelling with hand luggage or buy a lot on holiday, take a packing cube and relax. The only drawback: you'll fit more into your luggage, but it won't make it any lighter.

Packing organisers
Pack-It Specter Compression Cube
Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube

Ultralight travel bag for clothing.

Check out the Eagle Creek packing cubes here. Want to ride the next trend wave with me? Then follow me by clicking on the button next to my profile.

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