Packing organisers

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Packing organisers

Packing organisers help you keep your suitcase, backpack or bag tidy. Packing organisers also help you pack your luggage in handy bundles. When you arrive at your destination, all you need to do is get the packing cubes out, place them next to each other and your luggage is ready to use. A packing bag also protects your goods from moisture. Some of the packing bags have a compression function and help you to pack your belongings in a space-saving way. Packing bags are available in different sizes and materials. We also offer shoe bags or laundry bags for dirty laundry. Packing organisers are often available in a set.

Clothing is usually rolled up before it's placed in a packing cube. Packing bags that look like folders are handy for shirts and blouses. Most of them come with folding instructions to help you transport your clothes properly.

Please note: A waterproof packing bag is water repellent and keeps your clothes dry when it rains or when water splashes onto it. A dry bag, however, is 100% waterproof and keeps the contents dry when you throw the bag into the water.
Definition of packing system size by length: XS up to 19cm, S between 20-29cm, M between 30-39cm, L between 40-49cm, XL from 50cm onwards.