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«Does your cap have some kind of meaning?»

Since starting my job at Galaxus, I’ve often been asked if my baseball cap has some kind of meaning. To put you in the picture: I’m a skinhead. Not politically but follicly speaking. That’s why I often wear caps. But to answer the question: yes and no.

Flashback to my thirties and bye-bye to my hair. This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it’s the kind of farewell that take years. Long, painful years in which my once healthy head of hair fell victim to the ravages of time. Lock by lock, follicle by follicle turning to dust. And then there came a time when the naked truth could no longer be denied: I was bald.

Gress vs. Gross

What next? Compensate with a comb-over or opt for tabula rasa? Should I go for the Gilbert or the Christian look?

Gilbert Gress
Christian Gross

I go for the Gross version – yeah, not that kind of gross – and shave my now completely bald head every second day. When you first start losing your hair, it’s a pretty rotten feeling. However, you gradually get used to it and at some stage you wouldn’t change your baldness for the world. At least that’s how I feel.

Does my cap have a special meaning? Nope.

But there’s still one problem. I always look the same. Blokes blessed with hair can switch between short and long styles. They can play around with colour (dear men: stay away from blond tips), perms or whatever else there is. But if you’re bald, you’re bald. The look stays the same. The solution? Headwear. In my case this is a cap. From Packers to Phillies, football to baseball or 9FIFTY Snapback to 59FIFTY. So no, my cap doesn’t have a particular meaning but it does prevent me from looking the same day in, day out.

From left to right. A small selection of my current favs: Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Phillies

Do da Spyda

A baseball cap is also a beautiful pastime! I have no idea how long it takes to learn the following move:

Does my cap have a special meaning? Sure it does!

I started my baseball cap career back in the early 90s when I still had hair. Those were the last years in which Joe Montana was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. A man who's a household name for any fan of American Football. For everyone else: Joe Montana is one of the best quarterbacks the game ever saw. My first baseball cap? Take a wild guess. Red & Gold of course.

Go 9ers!

Since then, countless caps of other teams and sports have been added to my collection. Meanwhile, I’m particularly fascinated by the franchise logos. The Americans are great at those. The designs are generally no-frills. My current favourite:

Football and Chees

The Green Bay Packers. NFL record-breaking champions, winners of the first Super Bowl and most iconic team of the whole league. I’m going through a green phase at the moment.

POP! - NFL: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) (9cm)
Funko POP! - NFL: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) (9cm)


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Information subject to change.

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So I guess you could say my cap does have a deeper meaning to me than merely serving as headwear.

More NFL at Galaxus

Last but not least

In 1920, the German immigrant Erhardt Koch established the «New Era Cap Company» in Buffalo, New York. The company started off by producing fashionable caps with a Gatsby look. New Era then went on to produce their first professional baseball cap in 1934. It was made for the home and away kit for the Cleveland Indians. The business has been in family hands for four generations and is the market leader when it comes to sports headwear.

So what cap is next in line? Probably this little gem from the current NBA champions:

  • 9FIFTY Team Classic Golden State Warriors Snapback Cap (cap, S, M)
  • 9FIFTY Team Classic Golden State Warriors Snapback Cap (cap, S, M)
  • 9FIFTY Team Classic Golden State Warriors Snapback Cap (cap, S, M)
New Era 9FIFTY Team Classic Golden State Warriors Snapback Cap (cap, S, M)


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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All caps available from Galaxus range

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Patrick Bardelli, Zurich

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User DanielaRohr

Gress vs Gross - grandios!

User SL33V3

ich mag die verschiedenen varianten und formen der caps. mal habe ich lust auf trucker, mal solls das fifty raiders cap sein, ein anderesmal nehme ich aber auch mal das "flexfit" oakley cap. ich denke die dinger sind ein wichtiger bestandteil der AMI kultur sind heute fast überall salonfähig! ;-)

User xazax

Würde mich über ein New Era Cap von den SF Giants freuen. Nehmt Ihr die MLB Caps auch auf?

User hosae

Funktioniert übrigens auch andersrum, wenn die Haarpracht noch funktioniert und man die Haare wachsen lassen will. Dann ist ein Cap das beste Übergangsmittel von kurz zu halblang zu lang :)

User Patrick Bardelli


User martidiriy12

Schade habt Ihr kein Cap der Green Bay Packers im Sortiment.

User dragsha23

Ich kann mit den New Era Caps nichts anfangen, vermisse die Starter Käppli ausden 90‘s