The modern desk «Rayburn» combines wood with metal. Picture: Woodman
The modern desk «Rayburn» combines wood with metal. Picture: Woodman
The wall secretary desk «Slope» takes up almost no space. Picture: Müller Möbelwerkstätten
The wall secretary desk «Slope» takes up almost no space. Picture: Müller Möbelwerkstätten
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Desk buying guide: how to find the right one for you

Vanessa Kim
Zurich, on 18.11.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Which desk is suitable for which purpose? The answer to this question depends on your needs – an architect surely has other preferences than a schoolchild or someone who works from home. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right desk.

I have fond memories of my very first desk, which I was allowed to choose myself when I was in primary school. It was simple, had silver legs and a heavy glass plate. «Like an adult’s desk,» I thought to myself. I didn't care that the one I chose didn't have any drawers when we were in the shop. It was only when we got home that I began to have second thoughts about my impulse decision. There I was with plenty of office material, but no storage. Of course, chaos was inevitable. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did, here’s a quick guide on what to look out for when you’re buying a desk. ## Height-adjustable desks

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Image: Bureau

Looking for a desk that grows with you or your child? If so, a height-adjustable desk is what you need. If you’re working from home, models that are converted into standing desks are ideal. Alternate between sitting and standing to reduce back pain and prevent neck tension.

XDSM Series
3 of 3 remaining
1031.–was 1086.–
Hammerbacher XDSM Series
Gamy (150cm)
Europe & Nature Gamy (150cm)
Schreibtisch Champion (120cm)
Moll Schreibtisch Champion (120cm)

See all height-adjustable desks // models for children ## Secretary desks

Picture: Müller Möbelwerkstätten
Picture: Müller Möbelwerkstätten
Picture: Northern Spy
Picture: Northern Spy

Being narrow yet offering plenty of storage space for paperwork, this type of desk is often found in small homes. Secretary desks were originally roll-top models topped by a bookcase, usually closed with doors or drawers. Although today’s versions usually can’t be closed and locked, secretary desks are available in many variations: as leaning desks, four-legged, two-legged, with drawers, or without storage. With a small surface to work on, this type of desk is only suitable for infrequent office work.

Shelter Sekretär (125cm)
Shelter Sekretär (125cm)
PS07 Essence Sekretär (92cm)
müller möbelfabrikation PS07 Essence Sekretär (92cm)
Plane (106cm)
müller möbelwerkstätten Plane (106cm)

View all secretary desks ## Desks with drawer(s)

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Image: Temahome

Storage space is often an essential requirement when buying a desk. But less may be more – we both know that drawers easily turn into a collection of random bits and bobs. Keep your office essentials, office supplies, documents and the such, in your desk drawer. Lip balm and sunglasses belong somewhere else.

Ply (120cm)
Temahome Ply (120cm)
Bagli (130cm)
Wohnling Bagli (130cm)
Neptune (110cm)
128.–was 149.–
Room05 Neptune (110cm)

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The wall secretary «Flatmate» fits into a narrow corridor
The wall secretary «Flatmate» fits into a narrow corridor
When closed, it has a floor area of 0,09 m². Images: Müller Möbelwerkstätten
When closed, it has a floor area of 0,09 m². Images: Müller Möbelwerkstätten

If you don't have a spare room to make into your office or if you don't often use your desk, space-saving wall desks are a great option. Some even hide completely: the wall secretary «Flatmate» can be folded up, making it invisible if you're not using it. Wall desks blend into your home particularly well if you go for a white model and place it in front of a white wall.

Flatmate (71.70cm)
müller möbelwerkstätten Flatmate (71.70cm)
Loop Desk (104cm)
we do wood Loop Desk (104cm)
Hidesk (78cm)
müller möbelwerkstätten Hidesk (78cm)

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Image: Wohnling

Tilted worktops are not only popular with architects, they're also suitable for children, as they keep the little ones from hunching over a horizontal table surface. If you want to avoid having a chaotic desk surface, this might be ideal for you: the tilted surface means you can’t place anything on it – except a drawing pad or writing paper.

Maxi (120cm)
Wohnling Maxi (120cm)
Baru (109cm)
Inter Link Baru (109cm)
Albin (109cm)
Inter Link Albin (109cm)

Go to all tilt-top desks // models for children ## L-shaped desks Placed in a corner, an L-shaped desk offers plenty of surface area without taking up much space. This solution is ideal if you're working on several things at the same time and offers space for several monitors. There are corner desks that come as one unit and L-shaped desks made up by several elements.

Serie O (200cm)
Hammerbacher Serie O (200cm)
Schreibtisch, verkettet, Fußform Quadrat-/Rechteckrohr (180cm)
Mauser Schreibtisch, verkettet, Fußform Quadrat-/Rechteckrohr (180cm)
UPLINER-2.0 - Stehschreibtisch, elektrisch höhenverstellbar (200cm)
Kaiser+Kraft UPLINER-2.0 - Stehschreibtisch, elektrisch höhenverstellbar (200cm)

See all L-shaped desks ## Simple worktops

no information available about this image
no information available about this image

Nice and simple – these models don't have to hide away in your office, but can be placed in your living room and converted into an elegant eye catcher. If you do not use this desk as such, you can convert it into a chest of drawers with the right decoration.

Journal desk (65cm)
normann COPENHAGEN Journal desk (65cm)
Miss Moneypenny (116.40cm)
Radius Design Miss Moneypenny (116.40cm)
Rayburn (115cm)
Woodman Rayburn (115cm)

View all minimalist desks ## Desks with cable management

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Image: Temahome

Who likes cable clutter? A desk with a cable hole is the right choice if you don’t want any cables to be visible on your desk. Route the cable of your keyboard, monitor and mouse through this hole and your desk will look nice and tidy.

Stick (136cm)
PBJ Designhouse Stick (136cm)
Loft (126cm)
Temahome Loft (126cm)
Classic (140cm)
PBJ Designhouse Classic (140cm)

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