Consumables for your business
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Consumables for your business

Andreas Mielke
Zurich, on 20.01.2022

No office functions without daily consumables - and at the latest when something is missing, you know how indispensable they are (cue toilet paper). In this article, we'll give you a brief overview of some important areas - and the way to get there.

In our store you can choose from countless corresponding products in the areas of supermarket and household. In addition, you can benefit from our graduated prices for many articles; and for large quantities, you are welcome to ask us directly for an offer at special conditions.

All about cleaning

Even in the office, there is no getting around the need for cleanliness from time to time. The right tools and equipment are half the battle for a clean working environment. Click here to go directly to the cleaning agents and cleaning utensils sections and here you will find everything on the subject of workplace cleaning agents.

Disinfection wipes
4 of 6 remaining
Desinfect pro Disinfection wipes

In the washroom

Whether it's the customer restroom or the WC behind the scenes: Here, cleanliness and hygiene are all the more important. From the first impression when opening the door to drying off after washing hands. And who says toilet paper hasn't evolved over the years?! Click here to go directly to the toilet paper or paper towels section.

For break room and canteen

Be it for a quick snack, the urgent caffeine boost after a morning meeting or the longed-for lunch break. Even in the break room, all the necessary consumables should always be available. Of course, you will also find these in our assortment. For example, in the areas of household articles and dishwasher detergents. Only who puts the dishwasher away or washes the dishes is up to you.

Lungo Forte (100 x Port., NESPRESSO Original)
Café Royal Lungo Forte (100 x Port., NESPRESSO Original)
Napkin Dispenser
BulkySoft Napkin Dispenser
Household paper top quality
Quantity discount
6.80per piece for 3 units
Tela Household paper top quality

Of course, you can also find everything you need for your work in the way of office supplies. Click here for the corresponding article:

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    Office supplies for your business

Let's go!

Almost 4 million items await you in our shop that’s open around the clock. Are you in need of a large quantity and want a quote for it? Get all the information you need here! Please send any questions you might have about product consulting, project support or any other subject to our Help Center.

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