10 ways to get cosy on a cold winter’s day

10 ways to get cosy on a cold winter’s day

Madeleine Bello
Zurich, on 13.01.2016

These grey winter days can be so miserable but are also a great time to get comfortable at home and enjoy some downtime.

Laugh in the frosty face of winter by turning your home into a snug sanctuary.

1. Start the day bright eyed and bushy tailed

Say goodbye to the morning grumps with a so-called “morning light simulator”. It gradually lights up your bedroom around 20–40 minutes before the alarm rings, simulating a natural sunrise – from the soft reds of dawn to the warm oranges and bright yellows of a new day. Rise and shine!

2. Get into the early morning groove

Stimulate your circulation first thing with alternating hot and cold showers. This will melt even the most hardened winter haters and strengthen the immune system. Try out a jungle shower or a light shower with seven different colours to suit your mood.

3. Boost your mood

Add cosy touches to your home with warm colours and decorative, fragrant candles. Experiment with bright summer colours like reds, oranges and yellows and dream yourself away to summer.

4. Top up on daylight

Wrap up warm and take a winter walk. If you’re seriously low on daylight, try using a sun-simulating light therapy lamp.

5. Battle boredom in the afternoon

Treat yourself to tea breaks during this cold season or catch up with friends. How about a games afternoon to bring it all together?

Chambord (1.30 l)
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6. Wellness at home

Taking it easy and looking after yourself is particularly important during these cold months. Relax in a hot bath or whirlpool or in front of an infrared lamp. Fluffy towels and pretty bath accessories will beautify your bathing rituals.

PureSpa Bubble Massage (4 pers., Portable)
Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage (4 pers., Portable)

7. Spend a quiet night in

Enjoy an evening accompanied by a delicious dinner. A pot of fondue is guaranteed to warm and fill you up. How about a nice glass or white wine to go with it?

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8. Romantic moments outdoors

Fireplaces and radiant heaters create a unique ambiance outdoors. While wood fires set the mood, radiant heaters provide the warmth. So snuggle up under a blanket and gaze at the stars.

9. Good riddance to cold hands and feet

Feeling the chill of the evening? Get equipped with an extra blanket or a hot water bottle!

10. Curl up in your cocoon

Make sure you get plenty of sleep in soft bedclothes and a fluffy duvet.

Varya (Bedding set, 50 x 70 cm, 160 x 210 cm)
Esprit Varya (Bedding set, 50 x 70 cm, 160 x 210 cm)

If none of the above seems to be doing the trick, maybe just resort to dreaming of warmer places…

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